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  • The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness
    The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness
  • The Girl Next Door
    The Girl Next Door
  • My Three Moms
    My Three Moms
  • Tobey Fine, Sacked & Tackled 1
    Tobey Fine, Sacked & Tackled 1
  • Writing Your First Mystery
    Writing Your First Mystery
  • Taste and See
    Taste and See
  • Finding Hope
    Finding Hope
  • BAD EGG!
    BAD EGG!
  • Nothing Is Strange
    Nothing Is Strange
  • A Scorpion's Sting
    A Scorpion's Sting
  • The King's Throne (Vol 2)
    The King's Throne (Vol 2)
  • Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3
    Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3
  • Looks that Deceive
    Looks that Deceive
  • Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
    Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
  • Missing in Action
    Missing in Action
  • Hilly colors her dreams
    Hilly colors her dreams
  • Hilly finds her quiet place
    Hilly finds her quiet place
  • Case Closed
    Case Closed
  • Dance of the Dawn Butterfly
    Dance of the Dawn Butterfly
  • Star Crossed
    Star Crossed
  • Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)
    Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)
  • Why Henry VIII Got Fat
    Why Henry VIII Got Fat
  • Divinity The Gathering Book One
    Divinity The Gathering Book One
  • My Heart In Seoul
    My Heart In Seoul
  • Insight

Featured Books

  • The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness

    The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness

    Who will posses the third throne of Hell?

    Having been told nothing but lies, Michelle Black must determine what her true destiny is, while navigating the Realms of Hell. Should she believe a kind Angel of Darkness who speaks of love, or is he using her for his own selfish purposes?
  • The Girl Next Door

    The Girl Next Door

    Sexy Max was the object every womans sexual fanatsies, but it was the girl next door that caught his eye

    Ruby Myers is secretly thrilled when handsome millionaire Max Wardman moves in next door, the man who had been the object of her sexual fantasies for a long as she could remember. She ignored her jealousy of his one night stands that regularly came and went. She enjoyed the simple life working as a waitress while she studied for her college business degree until the day Max offered her the opportunity to join him in Paris for a week as his PA. Ruby jumps at the chance despite her ever growing attraction to him and is thrown into a life surrounded by wealth, extravagance and opulence but also becomes the object of Max’s sleazy future business partner’s desires. Max enjoyed the life of luxury and after his divorce he indulged in one night stands but no-one caught his eye like his beautiful young neighbor. Even though he vowed to be the perfect gentleman while in Paris, it all changed after he rescues Ruby from the clutches of sex pest Claude Auben resulting in the pair embarking on the most intense, passionate sexual relationship either had ever experienced. But obstacles are thrown in their way in the form of Max’s scorned ex-wife Christine hell bent on getting her hands on Max and his money again. Will she succeed in breaking the pair apart with her antics? And will Max be able to convince Ruby that she’s not just another fling? And what they have together is real?
  • My Three Moms

    My Three Moms

    surrogate motherhood

    YA to New Adult novel.Destiny is shattered when she finds that the person she thought of as mother all her life was not her birth mother.She sets out despite great odds to find the others.
  • Taste and See

    Taste and See

    An Invitation to Read the Bible

    The Bible arguably contains the greatest stories of all time. It is the most-printed and most-distributed book in the world making it a must-read for all people. Taste and See is an interactive prequel to the Bible to help make it more accessible to anyone who has not read the Bible before.
  • Finding Hope

    Finding Hope

    A beautiful story of love, loss and redemption.

    She wanted independence. Then life took an unexpected turn. Can Olivia find hope in the midst of her darkest hour?
  • BAD EGG!

    BAD EGG!

    A Sinister Soul Ventures upon a Grim, Supernatural Demise

    If you adore reading short horror fiction, look no further because ‘Bad Egg’ is a spine-tingling blood-curdling supernatural tale of crime, possession and gruesome slaying's that will shock you to the bone.
  • Nothing Is Strange

    Nothing Is Strange

    20 mind expanding short stories

    Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique... all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy: Nothing Is Strange
  • A Scorpion's Sting

    A Scorpion’s Sting

    Fiction, suspense, urban, thriller, street fiction, african american, scorpio,

    Pink Maxwell’s independent debut novel A Scorpion’s Sting is an ingenious tale of heart-wrenching love, pain, and egotistical desires. The story centers around Tammy’s relationships with family, friends, and lovers as she forges through adulthood, paves her way to self-discovery, and fights an ongoing battle to forget her abusive past that constantly terrorizes her dreams. Her dreams suddenly becomes a live nightmare when the people of her past resurfaces and she is pulled between two worlds of finding forgiveness and seeking revenge. Family secrets, lies, and a deadly vengeance will be the reason she finally fights back with a sting.
  • The King's Throne (Vol 2)

    The King’s Throne (Vol 2)

    The Quest of the Black Swordsman

    The realms are faced once again by unrelenting malign forces. The Churnabog has returned from the depths to rein havoc on the Kingdom of Aldamanis and the seven lords.
  • Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3

    Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3

    In two words, Riveting/Intriguing

    An epic story, carefully crafted alternative reality, where humans and aliens meet. The vision of reality presented in this trilogy is a roller-coaster ride, evocative and intensely emotional. Characters, human and alien alike, come to life, bringing the reader the worst and the best of what life offers--love, brutality, caring and indifference, triumph and tragedy. If you love intrigue, mystery, science fiction, and romance you will love this book!
  • Looks that Deceive

    Looks that Deceive

    A medical thriller

    A complex medical thriller involving identity theft and cybercrime,along with suspense and a dash of romance.
  • Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands

    Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands

    Magic is real and YOU can do it.

    Witchcraft and magic are very real. These practices have existed as precise sciences for thousands of years. More importantly, every single person can learn to do witchcraft and magic.
  • Missing in Action

    Missing in Action

    A story of one woman's fight to bring her beloved back home, dead or alive.

    On December 1st, 1967, Major Aki (Yitzhak) Artzi of the Israeli Air Force was sent on a reconnaissance mission over Egypt. Unexpectedly Aki aborted, changed course and headed home. A few minutes later, his aircraft turned into a huge fireball, spiraling out of control and plunging into the clear waters of the Gulf of Suez. Since that day, he and his navigator have been Missing in Action. Or was it all a cover-up? In this stunning tour-de-force, his wife, Yael Artzi, tells of her unrelenting fight to bring her beloved back home, dead or alive. She faces cynical military, political and religious authorities, whose clichéd promise “We are doing everything possible to bring our boys back home” proves hollow. She turns to legendary figures such as Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Ezer Weizman, Abba Eban, and leading religious leaders in Israel and abroad, to no avail. It is her old friends – an African Medicine Man, Johnnie “Tarzan” Weissmuller and her missing husband Aki who provide spiritual support as she presses on.
  • Case Closed

    Case Closed

    A furiously paced fiction

    This book is a suspense murder mystery. A TV news anchor is murdered in the glamour capital of India, Mumbai. Police swiftly swings into action and arrests the killer. Justice delivered, or is it? It is furiously paced fiction and the novel breezes by rapidly. You won't be able to put this down till you've read the last page!
  • Dance of the Dawn Butterfly

    Dance of the Dawn Butterfly

    Will Mira ever be able to fly like her friend, the Dawn Butterfly?

    Little Mira dreams of flying like a butterfly but she doesn’t have wings. Will Mira ever be able to fly like her friend, the Dawn Butterfly? Will the Dawn Butterfly ever become part of Mira’s world – absent of flying? Within their friendship they discover that nothing is impossible and that their connection strengthens and inspires each other’s worlds. Mira will discover she doesn’t need wings to fly and the Dawn Butterfly will learn that he can stay grounded even without legs. From their connection grows a love that is not limited to time or place –Only to the one spirit that is within them…
  • Star Crossed

    Star Crossed

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.”

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.” Mahmud, a Christian Palestinian refugee, sets out to rebuild his shattered life and escape his traumatic past in his new home, truly the blessed land he’d hoped to find, Australia. His only dream, the greatest dream Australia represents for him, is that his siblings and mother can finally find peace and security, and healing enough to make their dreams come true. Shahar – Sharni when in the West – is touring Australia as an out-andproud conservative Israeli political warrior. Dishonourably discharged from the Israeli Army under civilian bureaucratic rules designed to insulate Western pieties – or so she sees her mistreatment under civilian oversight – she sets out with a clear goal: to throw as much invective, to be as many stereotypes, to do whatever it takes to make the world understand that she’s angry with them. She only wishes she knew why – that those responsible for her discharge from the service of her beloved country could tell her why she is so angry. When Sharni meets Mahmud, love kindles – and instantly. Just as God raises the cup of happiness to two sets of willing lips, two souls yearning for the loving life they know they will share, so does the world dash it away. For as much as we all wish otherwise, the world – armed with its prejudices – forever intrudes...
  • Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

    Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

    Often, sexual predators go unpunished. In New Orleans, they don't!

  • Why Henry VIII Got Fat

    Why Henry VIII Got Fat

    Secrets we can discover about weight-loss from famous 'big' people

    We imagine that if we had money and resources we wouldn't struggle with our weight - we could afford personal trainers, nutritionists, and chefs to whip us into shape! But the seven famous people featured in this book had all those things at their disposal and they still struggled with their weight.
  • Divinity The Gathering Book One

    Divinity The Gathering Book One

    Supernatural, Urban fantasy with Angels, Demons and a ribbon of unexpected Romance!

    Starling's nightmares leave her fearful and shaken. In her dreams, the end of the world is inevitable. She's seen how it will happen but when, and who would believe her? The dark ones and Morning Star all wait to invade. The Earth has already been offered to them if they can take it from the humans. Cam`ael is the fallen who lusts for her, and Drakael is the angel who intends to keep him from her.
  • Insight


    A phone call finds missing girls and a love of a lifetime.

    Missing girls, a practicing Wiccan and a Private Investigator. What more can a mystery ask for.
  • H.U.M.A.N.S The Veiled World Supernatural Selection Chronicle 1

    H.U.M.A.N.S The Veiled World Supernatural Selection Chronicle 1

    A Twist on Elementals, Vampires, magic and many other unique beings!

    My brother Cole and I are twin Hybrid Hunters. We’ve lived among human beings for so long that we, as well as the Elementals that have become like family, have almost forgotten that we aren’t. I had to learn quickly that even in a perfect world, the hunter becoming the hunted confirms that every being has something to fear—even the deadly Nocturna. And that Hunter... is Me.
  • No Leap Too Great

    No Leap Too Great

    It's the blows that we don't see coming that knock us down the hardest. Still, before the referee counts to ten... We MUST get back up.

    This book features inspirational poems along with the short stories
  • Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky

    Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky

    You don’t have to go away, to getaway.

    Wen and Jasmine plan a vacation, but after a sexy bet, they soon find out that you don’t have to go away, to getaway.
  • Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement

    Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement

    Christian Self Help and Business Book with Additional Themes

    On the surface,
  • The Sword of Agrippa: Antioch

    The Sword of Agrippa: Antioch

    The Future Collides with Ancient Rome

  • Seven Days to Kindle – the Overwhelmed Author’s Guide to Formatting an Amazon Kindle Book in Seven Days

    Seven Days to Kindle – the Overwhelmed Author’s Guide to Formatting an Amazon Kindle Book in Seven Days

    Format your eBook for Kindle in 7 easy lessons.

    Hey writers. Have you written your book but not quite sure how to navigate eBook formatting? Or, have you paid someone to do it and been...disappointed in the results? Put an end to that right now! With my new book FREE today on Amazon your manuscript can be up and selling in a week.
  • Supernatural Hero

    Supernatural Hero

    Don't try to be someone else, be yourself!

    Reading this book will make you see that being yourself is the only way for success, all you need is to believe.
  • Mindset - A Sci-Fi Novel

    Mindset – A Sci-Fi Novel

    Not all technology is for the good of mankind

    Mindset is a mind bending science fiction novel about a leading neuroscientist who invented the new Mindset BlueTooth technology that converted thoughts to text. Little did he know this idea would change his reality, forever!
  • Camden


    Interracial BW/WM historical romance

    The year is 1540. Queen Dalana is found dead in Dunkirk Wood. Lord Talon of Ios is the accused tyrant. Refusing to admit guilt to the murder brings forth war and destruction by King Hanous of Camden, the late queen's husband. In his quest to return to the kingdom after ten years in hiding, Talon, the devilishly handsome, arrogant and smooth talking rogue learns that a new ruler sits upon the throne and discovers that he is the new queen's most hated enemy; wanted for murder, treason, and piracy. Beautiful, quick tempered and powerful Narian, the young new queen of Camden, has one dreaded thought in her mind, finding Lord Talon of Ios and executing him for the murder of her mother and the reason she lives her life in utter misery. Determined to get back to Camden, Talon had one thing on his mind and that was to kill the tyrant king for causing so much destruction to his people and to clear his name of murderer. Vowing to trample over anyone who stood in his way. That is until he met the fiery tempered Narian...the Queen of Camden.
  • An Interview with Lucifer

    An Interview with Lucifer

    Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Angels, Preaching, Christian, Christian Fiction, Heaven, Hell, Lies, Antichrist, Jesus Christ

    He fell from Grace. He was cast out from heaven. He was God's Angel. Now he tells all. For the first time in the history of the world, Lucifer, aka Satan, will be interviewed at Madison Square Garden. He will reveal truths (masked in lies) that no one has heard before. The question is: Will the people believe that this is really Satan, or an actor playing the role? A book that glorifies Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

    The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

    Power is stirring in Tally — Can she stay alive to master it?

  • Corproate America & The N-Word

    Corproate America & The N-Word

    A study of contemporary unrestrained workplace harassment, hate speech; Corporations' defense of their employees' use of n@@@@r and the artifice of a Federal Judiciary that refuses to punish them.

    Unlike the focus on race relations involving potentially criminal acts such as shootings of unarmed blacks;contemporary hate speech, racially motivated assaults and workplace mass-murders remain mostly unexamined - until now!
  • Winning Political Campaigns

    Winning Political Campaigns

    A comprehensive guide to electoral success

    A how-to e-book on all aspects of political campaigning, the book uses many examples of political figures’ successes and failures in running for office.
  • Murder By Proxy

    Murder By Proxy

    Murders in a hospital loosely based on actual events

    When a nurse working the a Boston NICU discovers that babies are being murdered she puts her life on the line to discover and reveal the killer, only to find out it's not who she thought it was.
  • The Sugar Babies

    The Sugar Babies

    Laughter, friendship, baking, and loss. Ages 15+

    Tess knew that whatever she did, she couldn't save her brother. He had heart disease. No amount of chocolate could ever fix that.
  • The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women

    The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women

    Learn how to choose clothes and accessories that flatter best YOUR personality!

    We live in a world where looks have become very important. The way you wear your clothes, accessories, makeup and hair is the first thing people notice about you. And as superficial as it sounds, they do judge a book by its cover. It’s human nature...
  • Credit Repair

    Credit Repair

    The Complete Step-to-step Guide To Raise Your Credit Score Quickly And Control of Your Financial Life

    Having a good credit rating is like getting an express ticket to a members only club where the finest stuff are sold at rock bottom prices that you cannot get anywhere else. This simply means that you can actually do a lot more with the same amount of money. Having bad credit score means the opposite. In simple terms, it spells doom and nightmares for many because it is like having some bad omen that makes friends and anyone who you interact with approach you with caution as far as money is concerned. This “caution” is definitely given a figure when you are borrowing; the worse off your credit score is, the higher the lenders have to take caution by charging you more for less.
  • The Way of The Fairy Godmother

    The Way of The Fairy Godmother

    The most unique self help/motivational book in years. Positive Psychology is the thread. And, a fun read.
  • Murder On Skid Row

    Murder On Skid Row

    Into the shady society of Chicago's 1960's Skid Row steps Dr. Mel Greenberg. He hoped to help the dowtrodden, and instead finds himself a murder suspect.

    Based on a true story, Murder on Skid Row is a novel by Chicagoan Charlene Wexler. Told from Dr. Greenberg’s point of view, Murder on Skid Row takes the reader back to a place that was an integral part of Chicago for decades—but one today’s public officials and city-beautiful boosters would rather have us believe never existed.
  • Billy and the Ear Elves

    Billy and the Ear Elves

    Ayala Saar- Children's books,

    Billy's story teaches kids the values of patience, listening, good manners and nutrition. Have you ever had a temper tantrum? Have you seen someone lose their temper? What did your mom do if you lost your temper? Billy really loves ice cream, and after politely asking for some, and being denied he cries, stomps his foot, then throws himself on the floor in full on temper tantrum style. BUT, does mom get upset, stressed out, or angry? No, she almost seems to ignore it. She has a secret weapon... magic Ear Elves! Read the book and find out whether Billy and his mother solved their conflict. Download the book to see if this is something that might help your children! This colorful book is excellent as a bedtime story for early learners and beginner readers.
  • View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

    View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

    His secret could change history and their friendship.

    This is a tale of friendship, love, political intrigue, and conspiracy.
  • Diamonds and Cole

    Diamonds and Cole

    How Far Would You Go To Save The One That Got Away?

    Cole Sage, a once brilliant journalist, has just about reached rock bottom. Haunted by the longing for the woman he lost, Cole is jarred to a crossroads when a hostage negotiator is killed in front of him. Later, Cole is stunned to receive a one line cry for help from his one great love. Face to face with his past, and an uncertain future he tries to find her estranged daughter.
  • From Self-esteem to God-esteem

    From Self-esteem to God-esteem

    Taking the steps from salvation to righteousness

    Righteousness, and God's desire for us as Christians, often gets lost in religion. From Self-esteem to God-esteem walks us through the steps of accepting Christ as Savior and leads us down the Scriptural road to righteousness.
  • Fasting For Health And Highness

    Fasting For Health And Highness

    enabling the body to heal itself

    Authoritative, easy-to-comprehend book about fasting that doesn't try to talk above everyone's head. Packed with a wealth of useful details about fasting and preventative natural health.
  • Tainted Youth

    Tainted Youth

    school life, bullying, unemployment, targeted individual, social isolation

    Since early childhood, Yvonne has had many reasons to suspect that she is different from the other people: She often experiences telepathic and psychic phenomena. She is eminent for her high intelligence and good character. She never wishes to harm anybody; she wouldn’t know how, either. As a result, the others underestimate her and show it to her at the first opportunity.
  • Milk and Oranges

    Milk and Oranges

    Short stories and essays written from the heart.

    Milk and Oranges is a collection of short fiction and essays examining life, love, and the tragedy and comedy of the human condition. Charlene Wexler's writings will pluck at your heartstrings and tickle your funnybone.
  • The Secret Sister Society - Arizona - Book 2

    The Secret Sister Society – Arizona – Book 2

    Book 2 of the Greatest Adult Book Series in Decades. The Secret Sister Society is an Adult Book Fans Wildest Dream. Get Both Books Now and Indulge in Your Fantasies!

    Get the first book in the series which is based in Malibu and you will love the second book even more. Unbelievable details and descriptions by author Alex James, she really knows how to sell the action, sex, and mystery! The second book in the series, Secret Sisters Society - Arizona takes place in beautiful Arizona as part of a special Spring Break. The group treks down to the mansions of Arizona and some really crazy things happen. And there is some partying going on too...
  • A most haunted house

    A most haunted house

    This story is true. You will wish it was not.

    Do you Believe in GHOSTS? Chill yourself with the worldwide #1 bestselling true haunting. This critically acclaimed paranormal account is Free to download for Amazon Prime members and is also available in paperback. Dare you read A MOST HAUNTED HOUSE?
  • HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand - Mystirio Astronomiki

    HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand – Mystirio Astronomiki

    Young Sherlock meets Tarzan meets H.G. Wells in a masterfully written tale of steam-powered adventure!

    HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand - Mystirio Astronomiki is the two-fisted tale of Edgar J. Hawthorne who in the summer of 1835, sets out on a journey to investigate claims of a fantastic discovery made by the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Traveling with the Royal Air Brigade on the H.M.A. Stratos, England's newest airship, Edgar and the crew are attacked by marauders. Badly damaged and in need of repair, the Stratos is forced down into the jungles of Africa. With their airship disabled Edgar, the first officer, and a portion of the crew, set out to locate provisions. In the attempt, Edgar discovers the truth concerning the downing of the Stratos and unearths an astounding secret. Finding himself thrust into the midst of a conflict that has raged for centuries, Edgar with the aid of an unlikely ally, must do the impossible: prevent humanity's extinction.
  • The Life of a Modern Day Missionary

    The Life of a Modern Day Missionary


    The story of the life of Richard Sugden Sr. He is a missionary evangelist that documents the amazing experiences that he had while planting churches in various countries around the world.
  • Exterminate Your Debt Forever!   The 21 no-nonsense steps you need to know to finally be free of your debt

    Exterminate Your Debt Forever! The 21 no-nonsense steps you need to know to finally be free of your debt

    FREE Budgeting Spreadsheet and Credit Card Repayment Calculator included

    Much more than just your typical book written to make a profit for the writer, this book is genuinely helpful and will inspire you to deal with your own debt issues. The 21 no-nonsense steps will help you get rid of your debt forever.
  • The Premise

    The Premise

    A Novel To Save The World

    The Premise is a thought-provoking look at the very near future, and how a single scientific discovery could dramatically change our lives for the better. This novel is a quick-paced story of intrigue and suspense that examines the world of political corruption, greed, and influence peddling, that culminates in a surprising solution that will engage you from start to finish.
  • The Last Train

    The Last Train

    Jake sets out to reunite with his wife. The problem? He's dead!

    Tragedy has struck Mr. and Mrs. Avia while on vacation. A train crash kills Jake and puts Bernadette in the hospital. This is the starting place for Jake’s romance driven fantasy adventure. He navigates the strange and unexpected world of angels, demons, and spirit possessions. Richard Alan pokes a hole through the veil between us and an entertaining vision of the afterlife. Characters mix from both sides; some are very serious, some ordinary people, and many are just plain crazy.
  • Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, #1)

    Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, #1)

    Innovative time travel fantasy!

    YA time travel fantasy filled with metafiction and other literary twistiness. Travel Glasses is a thought-provoking narrative about trust, relationships, reality and illusion.
  • Black Rain

    Black Rain

    Rain Series

    Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can fall back together. Sometimes you have to lose in order to find. Sometimes you have to hurt in order to love. Sometimes one little soul ties it all together.
  • Dobyns Chronicles

    Dobyns Chronicles

    A most inspiring book that brings out a full range of emotion.

    “Old age is hell, but it’s something all of us have to go through.” These are the words that begin the first chapter of “Dobyns Chronicles,” a chapter which goes on to muse over the way stories are handed down by families through generations. This chapter is not only a great transition into the story of Charley Dobyns, but an excellent setup for the themes of the book as well. Charley and his siblings excel when it comes to dealing with hardship. Charley has a thirst for living and is determined to keep his family together. The characters are vivid, and a fantastic amount of detail has been given to their backgrounds. Their stories will certainly ring with an air of truth to anyone who decides to enjoy this piece of new literature about a family of a different era and how they pull together to meet their fate head-on.
  • Brat


    Growing up and leaving military life

    Military brat Belamie's story takes her all over the world as she faces dangers in foreign and unfamiliar countries, learns to adapt wherever she lives, and experiences again and again the pain of leaving loved ones behind. At home everywhere but belonging nowhere, this is Belamie's world.
  • Daydreams from a Working Stiff -- An Anthology

    Daydreams from a Working Stiff — An Anthology

    Don't have time to read a whole novel, then read one of the short stories in my ebook!

    Daydreams from a Working Stiff is an anthology of six short stories. Each of the stories began with the question,
  • Looks Like Love Feels Like Hate

    Looks Like Love Feels Like Hate

    Sometimes love can be disgiused as hate

    Everything that looks good isn’t always good for a person, and Betty-B is living proof of that. As a child of the streets, she does what she has to do to survive and provide for her younger sister. With a mother addicted to the glass pipe, Betty-B is forced to grow up quickly. Will she be strong enough to survive the dangerous lifestyle she becomes a part of, or will the streets eat her alive? “Looks Like Love, Feels Like Hate” is a classic urban tale that deals with all types of emotions and proves a valuable life lesson!
  • The Black Swans

    The Black Swans

    It's Magic!

    When an Irish pipes player meets Taisie MacDonnell, he has no idea that she can help break a enchantment laid on them by the Fae.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits for Beginners:

    Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits for Beginners:

    New! Grab your copy now

    25 Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide for beauty, health, hygiene and household chores
  • Heir to the Sundered Crown

    Heir to the Sundered Crown

    A realm torn asunder by civil war will give rise to a hero.

    The Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After assassins kill the king and his family, greedy self serving men battle one another for the crown. Unknown to them is that one heir yet lives, a baby boy now hidden and protected.
  • Ghost Sex: The Violation

    Ghost Sex: The Violation

    This story is true...You'll wish it wasn't

    ADULTS ONLY: It has been covered by the media across the GLOBE. Will you dare read? This may be the most chilling and disturbing true haunting ever known. Ghost sex: The violation has been described as
  • Faith, the Ugly Dog

    Faith, the Ugly Dog

    'Faith, the Ugly Dog' is a heartfelt, inspiring tale of the imagination.

    'Faith, the Ugly Dog' is a heartfelt, inspiring tale of the imagination that will teach and instruct children to overcome others misplaced judgments and perceptions, and that it is more important to be on the outside what they are really like on the inside.
  • Murder Across the Ocean

    Murder Across the Ocean

    American widow Lori Brill was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower--until she saw Josh's bloody corpse lying in the bed.

    Lori Brill’s trip to London to visit her granddaughter started out even better than she could have imagined when she ran into Josh, her old high-school boyfriend, in line for the same flight at the airport—resulting in an unexpected night of passion in a London hotel room. Lori was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower the next morning, ready to slip back into Josh’s arms—until she saw his bloody corpse lying in the bed where they had made love only a few short hours before. So who killed Josh?