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  • Artis Prime
    Artis Prime
  • My Heart, My Home
    My Heart, My Home
  • Abiku: A Battle Of Gods
    Abiku: A Battle Of Gods
  • The Last Jump
    The Last Jump
  • Souls by the Sea
    Souls by the Sea
  • Mutant Hunter
    Mutant Hunter
  • Coastal Event Memories, Volume I
    Coastal Event Memories, Volume I
  • Tainted – Part One: Evie
    Tainted – Part One: Evie
  • Cruising the Mediterranean
    Cruising the Mediterranean
  • The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising
    The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising
  • The Lawyer
    The Lawyer
  • 10 Proven Ways to Unlimited Memory and Accelerated Learning.
    10 Proven Ways to Unlimited Memory and Accelerated Learning.
  • Boldly Going Nowhere
    Boldly Going Nowhere
  • The mind of a Medium
    The mind of a Medium
  • Fifty-one percent
    Fifty-one percent
  • Love and Suspicion
    Love and Suspicion
  • Ismark: The Marked Boy
    Ismark: The Marked Boy
  • Girl Crush
    Girl Crush
  • AL CLARK (Book One)
    AL CLARK (Book One)
  • Didn't Get Frazzled
    Didn't Get Frazzled
  • The Alternative: A Quick Course in Complementary Therapies
    The Alternative: A Quick Course in Complementary Therapies
  • An Animalish Man
    An Animalish Man
  • Spectral Ops
    Spectral Ops
  • Witch Spelling
    Witch Spelling

Featured Books

  • Artis Prime

    Artis Prime

    RIGA/AI - A Space Adventure

    A biological machine is still a machine - isn't it? Meet RIGA and decide for yourself.
  • Mutant Hunter

    Mutant Hunter

    A New Clone Worlds Story

    The Corporation military controlled Space. They want Grady dead. All he has to do was beat their blockade. A Piece of Cake!
  • Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Do you have any skeletons in your closet?

    Part One of the Tainted series is the story of a 16-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to get to the bottom of a skeleton in the family closet. Is her Great Aunt Evie a black widow? Does she kill virgins for their blood? Did she kill her babies?
  • Cruising the Mediterranean

    Cruising the Mediterranean

    From the luminous canals of Amsterdam and Venice to the stunning mosaics of Istanbul's Blue Mosque, this travel memoir takes readers on the trip of a lifetime.

    This joyful travel memoir by a couple well-beyond youth proves age is no barrier to delicious fun, unexpected adventure and dazzling beauty. Its pages explore Venice, Athens, Istanbul, Ephesus and more. From Amsterdam's Red Light District to Athens' acropolis and Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, the book is filled with wonder.
  • The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising

    The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising

    Check out The Last Mutineers today!

    In 'The Last Mutineers', you will see that our existence is rather minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Seeing as how ancient alien lore has already dictated humanity's downfall, we do not stand a chance.
  • 10 Proven Ways to Unlimited Memory and Accelerated Learning.

    10 Proven Ways to Unlimited Memory and Accelerated Learning.

    How to Make Yourself Smarter, Improve Your Own Concentration and Become Successful.

    How to improve memory? How to be smarter faster better? Do you know anything about brain games? Do you want to unlock your memory and to get the study skills? Just read it and do it! The Life-Changing Guide. How to: • Became Smarter, Faster, Better, • Get Study Skills • Learn the Basic Steps to Memory Improvement, to Learn Better, to Learn Faster, • Improve Your Concentration and Become More Productive. This eBook is a guide that comes with highly practical exercise to improve your brain and mind. This eBook accomplishes an effective, yet frequently subtle, interface between hypothesis, research and practice. This eBook satisfies its aim to clarify working memory. For instructors, it gives an unmistakable guide and fills a crevice in understanding that can just prompt more ways to deal with memory learning.
  • Boldly Going Nowhere

    Boldly Going Nowhere

    How do you convince someone to love you when you can't love yourself?

    How do you convince someone to love you when you can’t love yourself? Shy, lonely and running full-speed in the fast lane to nowhere, Steven McKinnon is stuck in a rut. He hates getting out of bed in the morning. He hates being a burden on his friends and family. And he hates himself for letting life slip through his fingers. ‘Sounds like you need a girlfriend,’ says one of his mates one night down the pub. It’s the call to action Steven needs. But what happens when you embark on a journey of self-discovery and don’t like what you find? What happens when you defy the odds and make things worse? And even more terrifying – what do you do when someone actually likes you? Stopping off in Prague, Gothenburg, Newcastle and the sleepy hills of rural Scotland, Boldly Going Nowhere is the hilarious and achingly honest true story of what happens when one man decides to take a stand – against himself.
  • The mind of a Medium

    The mind of a Medium

    A journey into consciousness and mediumship

    A captivating look at consciousness, mediumship, psychics, spiritualist circles, scientific theories and the paranormal.
  • Fifty-one percent

    Fifty-one percent

    A journey into Mediumship

    A fascinating look at mediumship, psychics, a spiritualist college, a spiritualist circle, scientific theories, the paranormal and more.
  • Love and Suspicion

    Love and Suspicion

    Earl Woodbury had not spoken to anyone in over 18 years.

    Tiffany Clark needed a mechanic to fix her car. What she got landed her right in the middle of the town's unsolved mystery.
  • Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Join Eirick, ayoung Ismarkian slave, to discover his destiny

    In the fantasy land of Ismark a child slave called Eirick has his life thrown into chaos and adventure by a blaze in his slave encampment. Thus starts the journey where we join Eirick on his life exploring new places and battling cultures. Meanwhile around him lays a more hidden world of political manipulation, greed, treachery and barbarism.
  • Girl Crush

    Girl Crush

    They never meant to fall in love...

    Girl Crush is an erotic female romance novella that brings to light that one time…
  • AL CLARK (Book One)

    AL CLARK (Book One)

    One man to save them all.

    There is a colonial starship in trouble, with no one awake to hear the alarms.
  • Didn't Get Frazzled

    Didn’t Get Frazzled

    “…the best fictional portrayal of med school since ER.” – BlueInk Review (starred review)

    A provocative and humorous novel about four years in the life of an intrepid young medical student, set in the grueling world of an elite NYC medical school.
  • An Animalish Man

    An Animalish Man

    suspense, unconventional, short story, erotic, original, fresh, contemporary

    Suspenseful and unconventional short story.
  • Spectral Ops

    Spectral Ops

    How do you stop an enemy that's already dead?

    When an army of angry spirits is unleashed in France, conventional forces are not enough to stop an invasion from beyond our world.
  • Witch Spelling

    Witch Spelling

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards trying to fit in with the mundane way of life. With a touch of humour here & there.
  • Made for Me

    Made for Me

    It's all Just Chemistry...Isn't it?

    What will the search for love be like in the future? The year is 2032, and Abrielle is looking for true love. In a world ruled by technology, where computers make much of our decisions for us, Abrielle meets the man of her dreams, thanks to a guaranteed matchmaker website. Soon, however, she finds out about his glaring secret. For this relationship to work, Abrielle and Sampson will be breaking some big societal rules.
  • Star Chaser: The Traveler

    Star Chaser: The Traveler

    “A venturesome sci-fi/fantasy novel for readers who really want their action set where no man has gone before.” - Kirkus Reviews
  • POWER OVER THE PILLOW 7 Secrets to Master Your Goals, Achieve Success and Become Unstoppable

    POWER OVER THE PILLOW 7 Secrets to Master Your Goals, Achieve Success and Become Unstoppable


    Have you ever had dreams and goals of what you would like to do or accomplish only to have them fizzle after just a few weeks of working on them? Maybe you have told someone that you were going to achieve something and then never accomplish it, feeling foolish and discouraged. This book will help you create systems and concrete plans in your life so you can start achieving your goals, developing impactful habits and live a more joyful life. As you complete the activities and implement the advice, you will learn step-by-step plans for: - Achieving Goals - Being Positive - Forming Great Habits - Developing Systems and Routines - Time Management to become more productive I have used these tips and tools over the last 15+ years in my life when I was just starting out in the “real world” to now where I am a top producer in my industry. As you start this process you will be amazed how quickly you will start seeing results.
  • Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    A paranormal mystery laced with romance

    A magical pendant from the days of Blackbeard the pirate comes to haunt Holly Ferguson during her Bahama vacation.
  • Puppy Training: Raising the Perfect Puppy (A Guide to Housebreaking, Crate Training & Basic Dog Obedience)

    Puppy Training: Raising the Perfect Puppy (A Guide to Housebreaking, Crate Training & Basic Dog Obedience)

    Puppy training doesn't have to be hard. Learn crate training and housebreaking — the simple way.

    The strategies in this book for dog obedience are proven to work fast and on the most rambunctious puppies. You can raise the well-behaved dog of your dreams.
  • A Guide To Deception

    A Guide To Deception

    How To Read People, Detect Deception, And Spot Lies

    Learn the language everyone speaks but no one understands… Body language. Spencer Coffman, a certified expert in microexpressions and well versed in human behavior, will give you a great understanding of the little hidden signs displayed by every person on earth. These unconscious behaviors are exactly that, unconscious. Because of this, they are often unrecognized. However, with training, they can be seen and lies can be detected. Of course, there are many books on the market about body language. However, this is the first one that takes the form of a study guide or lesson plan and is focused exclusively on deception. While reading, you’ll discover: •How to recognize lying eye contact •What a shoulder shrug really means •How someone feels when the cross their arms •What it means when a persons voice changes •That speech and body language must match •And Much, Much, More!!! “With six simple chapters and less than 100 pages A Guide To Deception makes for an easy and very enjoyable read.”


    Teach your child patience !!!

    Teach your child patience !!! ** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE!** Free Audio Book (Flip-Book)
  • Planet Neverland

    Planet Neverland

    Welcome to Planet Neverland, where all your dreams become reality and responsibilities are a worry of the past...

    Responsibility is Wendy Darling's middle name — or it should be. She's given up pursuit of her own fun and dreams for her brothers. Peter's never given up anything for anyone and responsibility? He doesn't even know the word. That will all change when Hook threatens the things they both love and Peter and Wendy must work together and overcome their differences if they ever hope to succeed.
  • Revelations


    Love and mystery at the Jersey shore

    Haley Marsden must solve the mystery of her beloved son's suicide. Was it simply from a broken heart or something much darker? Follow Haley on her quest to find answers as well as love in the quaint Raritan Bay town of Keansburg, New Jersey
  • The Dragon Orb

    The Dragon Orb

    The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn't be more different.

    As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris from dangerous outsiders begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, the three wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.
  • Goodbye, Saturday Night

    Goodbye, Saturday Night

    Growing up gay in the 1950s was difficult; growing up gay in the Deep South in the 1950s was a horse of a different color.

    Set in 1956 in a small town in South Alabama, this is a story of love and friendship, of betrayal and redemption, and of an 11 year old misfit's search for personal understanding for the feelings he has for his best friend, a twenty-two year old drop-out from the swamps across the tracks. Growing up gay in the 1950s was very difficult; growing up gay in the Deep South in the 1950s was a horse of a different color.
  • CIndy and Her Blue Bunny

    CIndy and Her Blue Bunny

    Cindy finds Blue Bunny one day and all her luck changes.

    A tale of children and parents and the simple things needed in life. Sometimes it is the obvious things that we are looking for and don't realize that we already have it.
  • ABC Book for toddlers

    ABC Book for toddlers

    ABC Book for toddlers

    It's an early Learning Book for Toddlers between age 1-4 years to have fun while learning about English alphabets, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. With each English alphabets there are five pictures associated and overall it has hundred and thirty (130) colorful pictures to learn English Alphabets which are perfect for giving toddlers a head start in developing early identification of alphabets and build their Vocabulary. This book also has numbers, colors and shapes for little ones. The pictures are clear with simple text and for sure will attract kids into learning.
  • Christianity (The Deceit)

    Christianity (The Deceit)

    Is Your Belief The True Spiritual Path?

    Challenging the face of Religion; Christianity (The Deceit) brings into light questions millions need to face, Is Your Religious following or belief a True Spiritual Path? Denominational sects have shaped this country including the way individuals form opinions towards them. Is the reliance you embrace sound practices of someone's enduring faith?
  • Dana Also Deserves a Playground

    Dana Also Deserves a Playground

    stories about disabled children,disability stories,friendship picture book,children's books on special needs,wheelchair books for children

    This story aims to shed light, on the discrimination against disabled children in the playgrounds. This is a story about a socially caring, a true friendship and willingness to contribute to the other. This is a story about thinking, about persistence and about originality. This is a story about a real concern for the weaker and non-discrimination of his rights. Let us teach our children to be all of this.
  • 1,2,3, Red, Blue, Green

    1,2,3, Red, Blue, Green

    Early learning books, Bedtime Stories for Children, Picture Book

    Grandma brought Ethan and Emma - twins aged four, a gift in a big, big box. What could be in such a big box? Think the Twins. The twins sat in the living room, next to the box, opened it and…… What did the twins find in the box? How do the twins learn to count? How do they learn to recognize the colors? What did the twins do with all the……?
  • The Lost Art

    The Lost Art

    The undiluted Collection of Poems

    The lost Art, The undiluted collection by Juliet Daley is a compilation through the eyes of a young dreamer. It consist of twenty poems that speaks to every person young and old of words often left unsaid. It connects to the heart and inspiration of every misunderstood genius that seeks to give voice to their thoughts.
  • Cabal of the Westford Knight

    Cabal of the Westford Knight

    Templars in America, 1398 AD

    A modern-day adventure/mystery based on actual artifacts left by Templar Knights during a secret mission to North America in 1398.
  • WASP


    Uncommon Enemies, Book 1

    Zoe is a research scientist under threat from terrorists seeking information on her cutting edge microrobotics research. Luckily for her, Gage,a marine raider, is there to help keep her safe.
  • Magic Kingdom: Issue #1

    Magic Kingdom: Issue #1

    book for kids, children's magazine, beginner readers, crafts for children, fairy tales

    Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.
  • Deity's Soulmate: Edition 2

    Deity’s Soulmate: Edition 2

    dragon-themed, Greek mythology, soulmates, romance

    This is book 1 of a fantasy series about Gardenia, a daughter of Athena, and her 100 years of coursework on how to create whole new worlds and subjects of her own. A sheltered schoolchild in a realm of condescending gods and goddesses, Gardenia goes to Earth on a dare to witness the unsavory side of mankind for herself. Believing she can do better, she undertakes the formation of an entire galaxy, but without permission from Zeus. Zeus disciplines her by assigning an epic 13-fold creational lesson destined to take her a century to complete. But he is taken aback once more when she makes an odd choice. She vows to fulfill this knowledge quest by tracking down a lost race of dragons, and discovering the secrets they’ve kept since time began. The adventure begins!
  • Color Land-From Play School To Color Land

    Color Land-From Play School To Color Land

    Wonderfully animated story filled with Play School adventures and colors!

    A fascinating and imaginative story of a little girl who struggles to make friends at Play School because of her differences, but helps the characters in Color Land by displaying her differences.


    Truly intimidating epitome of 'Individual vs. Self' in this captivating story.

    Roxie Nicole Phoenix aka “Roxie Brown Eyes” is the epitome of “individual vs. self” in this fascinating Story. When engulfed by her environment, a path of destruction seemed to be the only walkway towards every devastating encounter. She also experiences a few sensually enticing moments in her life {which fed the naughty side of her appetite} that she would not trade for anything.
  • Certain Darkening

    Certain Darkening

    Why does the family keep kidnapping people? And for how long?

    No one knows for how long they've been kidnapping people, but it won't stop. They may have made one small mistake though.
  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair

    Never mess with a man's family.

    Chase Campbell never thought his past would come back to attack him. He was wrong. Now he has to pay the price.
  • High School Hitmen

    High School Hitmen

    Being in high school was never easy.

    Deacon and Reno are the most dangerous people in high school. They moonlight as assassins.
  • The Seasons of a Giant

    The Seasons of a Giant

    Vanishing cows, a shape-shifting Giant, and a botched pursuit forces Izzy into joining her enemy to banish a tribe of frosty fiends and save her people from a surprise attack.

    Isabel Margaret LaDuke has never killed anything scarier than a spider, but now her botched pursuit has suddenly thrust her into a fight with an honest-to-goodness cattle-stealing monster. Izzy is just trying to find out who was stealing her family’s cattle. She has no magic powers or special skills, and she’s a rotten shot with a bow and arrow, but she’s braver than anyone, and that, in her opinion, makes her the best girl for the job. When Izzy finally finds her monster, she is transported from her family’s farm to the home of the Behemorphs, shape-shifting Giants who live in the SkyWorld above the clouds. To find her way home, she will have to team up with the very monster (he calls himself Boone) she has been hunting. As the two confront terrible creatures and deadly enemies, Izzy will learn a lot about Boone—and she’ll discover her own incredible potential.
  • Undisclosed Desire

    Undisclosed Desire

    Hidden Desire that changes the course of lives... forever.

    Malisa and Apollo spend every day together working, while love sits on a shelf... until one of them goes looking for they need elsewhere.
  • The Facebook Meme

    The Facebook Meme

    A Suspenseful Short Story

    An ordinary day of hanging out with friends and browsing social media takes a turn for the worst when a fun weekend turns into a deadly game of life or death.


    A miraculous True Story of my Supernatural Encounter from Heaven!

    MIRACLE'S are evidence of a greater reality! A divine miracle that flipped my destiny upside down! Including photographs. Available in print and ebook online @Amazon and Barnes & Noble. FREE with Kindle unlimited.
  • A Dangerous Liaison (Book 1)

    A Dangerous Liaison (Book 1)

    Descent Into Chaos

    Accustomed to simple security work, Cassidy Macayla finds herself in over her head, coerced by difficult circumstances and a well-meaning employer to accept an unusual proposition: Help Special Agent Chase Averey during his recovery, and hope they don’t die in the process. Danger lurks around every corner, and she has enough to worry about without the handsome, dangerous blast from the past who insists on adding to an already complicated set of circumstances...
  • Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics

    Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics

    Badboys and the women who loves them

    He’s too much a REBEL! I could never love anyone as inconsiderate and rash or coarse. Such a ROGUE. I can’t abide someone who can’t or won’t follow the rules or obey the law of the land. His smile, his soft voice, those gentle words… He’s so ROMANTIC. How could I ever resist? Who cares if he’s a rebel or a rogue?
  • A Year And A Day

    A Year And A Day

    The Handfasting is an epic tale of a family’s struggle to survive on an alien planet

    In Book 1 – A Year And A Day, A witch from the right side of the tracks finds herself Married to a hard-bitten soldier handpicked by a computer program.
  • Summertime, Book One

    Summertime, Book One

    Magical Realism and Moral Dilemma

    A successful businessman impulsively purchases an old saxohphone from a pawn broker. His life begins unraveling, both personally and professionally. The only aspect in ascendency is his unexplained mastery of the saxophone, an association with the blues band