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1000 Kilos

Death, Deceit & Destruction in this international crime thriller

1000 Kilos

Full Description

Yasmin Spiteri is a professional business woman to most. Smart and beautiful, men easily full for her charms. But she is also the queen of deception.
As a luxury liner approaches Valletta harbour, a small unmanned submarine slides out from its double hull, heading for Kalkara. It doesn’t make it though, veering off course and right into Yasmin’s path.
On board is 1000 Kilos of the finest Colombian cocaine belonging to the Russian Mafia with a street value of a HUNDRED MILLION EURO’S.
As the Mafia start to kill indiscriminately in a race to find the drugs, Yasmin manages to dodge the bullet, staying one step ahead by playing everybody.
But as the turf war escalates, things get very personal for Yasmin when her daughter Cydel goes missing. She soon realises that it’s not just the Mafia she should worry about as her complex web of lies leaves her vulnerable.
Death – deceit and destruction in this fast paced crime thriller.

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