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  • The Olympus Project

    The Olympus Project

    A secret organisation fights evil wherever it exists; tomorrow's headlines you can read today.

    As for the thriller series featuring The Phoenix; well, life is all about balance isn’t it? Good and evil, love and loss, laughter and tears. The Phoenix believes criminals should pay for their crimes; the system often fails to deliver the correct punishment. The Olympus agents can help him redress the balance.
  • Curses of Scale

    Curses of Scale

    An imaginative and meaningful tale of love and loss

    Sixteen-year-old Niena wants nothing more than to attend an elite bardic college, but when the dragon that shattered the empire awakens again she finds herself on the run, through the fey realm of Fairhome, to the city where she was born. On her trail are her army veteran grandfather, thrown into a commander’s role he doesn’t want, the lord of the fairies, trying to steer her to his own ends, and the husband she won’t meet for fifteen years. If she kills the dragon, she’ll save everyone she holds dear. But if she kills the dragon, she’s cursed instead to become it.
  • Masterji


    Animals and Birds could cross the boundary of our village but Sansi could not do so without permission

    Masterji is based on a True Story. During the British Rule Sansis along with other castes were labeled as
  • Living Abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, How

    Living Abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, How

    Do you wish you could live abroad? Where would you go? What would you do once you got there?

    Whether your dream is to escape your current life, become a globetrotter, explore new career paths or just enjoy life elsewhere, this book is for you.
  • Undone By Deceit

    Undone By Deceit

    BWWM Emotionally-grabbing Pageturner No-cliffhangers

    There's a cold bastard that lives inside Chance Middleton. Better to not break his trust or his heart if you're the woman he loves ...but no one warned Mahogany Jefferson of this before she did both by having his child behind his back.
  • Harvest Moon Homecoming

    Harvest Moon Homecoming

    Fun sweet small-town romance and a start to a beautiful series

    When the high school’s float explodes five days before the National Farmer’s Day parade, Principal Calvin Finkenbinder sees his chance at the promotion to Superintendent disintegrate. Unless he enlists the help of Ellie Bright, the most annoying, disorganized and kissable woman he knows.
  • Stoneheart


    Stoneheart is a feel-good story about a 57-year old Gunnery Sergeant coming home to be a civilian. He has no family, and


    Feel the fire of Fateful Italian Passion and dive into it!

    A dark romance about two broken people. Follow Milano and Veronica on their journey of love and darkness as they try to fill the hole in their lives. Will they heal each other or will they burn together?
  • Sweet Temptation: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Passion

    Sweet Temptation: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Passion

    Readers' Favorite Romance/Sizzle 5 stars

    Evie, career girl, takes a chance on love with an older celebrity, but reckons without his rebellious teenage daughter, a scandal-hungry journalist, and her own mother’s jealousy. And what does the world-famous Diamond Superstar mean by “no innocent, no stranger to sin”?
  • Re-Scent from Heaven (Book 5)

    Re-Scent from Heaven (Book 5)

    Once again, the dance waited, just around the corner, over the hill…

    Continuing in the family tradition, intriguing twists and turns, the usual lost phones and breathless encounters form the backdrop to the fifth book in the continuation of this delightfully frustrating family saga, where the men, seeking no more than their little piece of heaven, hope that love is waiting just around the corner, over the hill…
  • Scorpio: The Sign Behind The Crime Book 3

    Scorpio: The Sign Behind The Crime Book 3

    If you love thrillers with steamy romance, you'll love Scorpio

    Dr. John Trenton is called back to NYC for a heartbreaking case of his own. Dr. Frank Khaos and Det. Samantha Wright tackle a serial murder case too close to each of them.
  • Brutal Bedtime Stories

    Brutal Bedtime Stories

    Supernatural Horror from Award Winning Authors all over the World

    Spine-tingling terror from horror writers around the world. Dozens of diverse short stories containing gruesome murders, supernatural mysteries, grotesque hellscapes, and deranged psychopaths to keep you up at night. Surprise twists ensure you keep guessing until the last page.
  • The Stone Wall Crossing: Abby Whittier's Journey Through Time

    The Stone Wall Crossing: Abby Whittier’s Journey Through Time

    Romance, time travel and a twist of fate find Abby Whittier when she moves to New England.

    Abby Whittier, a popular high school student, makes a mysterious discovery in a centuries-old stone wall that alters her life in ways she never could have imagined.
  • Jack McAfghan: A Journey to the Other Side of Grief

    Jack McAfghan: A Journey to the Other Side of Grief

    Sometimes the End of Something is the Beginning of Everything.

    Have you ever wondered where animals go when they die or wonder how they get there? Is there an afterlife for pets? In this carefully crafted book designed to heal your grief, the four-legged Jack McAfghan gives you the answers to all these questions and the secrets to healing your heart.
  • Adventure to Destiny, The Unity Objective Series

    Adventure to Destiny, The Unity Objective Series

    Aliens have invaded Earth. Now it's up to them to save it.

    Two cousins discover that they are not who, or what they think they are. With developing super hero powers, magical items, and unique animal friends, they have to accept that, and hide their secrets from their friends and the world. But it's not the only secrets they have to hide. They have to hide secrets that are so shocking that if the people of Earth learn of them it could be the end of everything, including life on Earth.
  • Eyes Don't Lie

    Eyes Don’t Lie

    Unable to shake free from a demonic influence, Keith seeks out women, believing they'll live up to his unrealistic expectation

    In Eyes Don’t Lie, Keith is a murderer and a rapist, but he has a backstory that explains why he is the way he is. He was abused as a child, and he harbors a lot of resentment inside. He has a negative concept of himself because of the abuse, and he is being oppressed by a demon who constantly reminds him of the past so he’ll remain bitter and unforgiving toward his mom. And it’s the Evil One’s way of manipulating him in to believing his sinful actions are justified. As Keith encounters different women, he stumbles upon McKenzie, who is different from the rest. She’s not his type, but because of her gift and her connection to him, she gets the wheel turning in another direction.
  • Poppy Woods

    Poppy Woods

    Historic Saga Victorian Mystery Family Romance

    Set in Victorian Oxfordshire the story of Poppy Woods tells of a courageous girl, who from her very first breath suffers neglect and cruelty.Yearning for a normal life and her true love, it is Poppy's inner strength and bravery which enhance her determined spirit.
  • Act Two

    Act Two

    Set in the uniquely passionate world of the theatre, Act Two is a sweet clean romance peppered with love triangles, humor, suspense and surprises.

    Act two is a story of redemption over heartache, self-discovery, and the quest for true love. Anna Marie’s life is unexpectedly shattered by a letter exposing the secret life her husband has shared with another wife and child. As she begins to unravel the truth of his unthinkable deception, Anna Marie soon discovers yet another heart-rending secret—her lifelong friend and colleague is in love with her. With warmth, compassion, grace and genuine love, Anna Marie navigates herself through the ordeal in surprising ways. She questions all that she thought she knew and attempts to rebuild her life with the assistance of a wide variety of lovable friends and eccentric family members. Unexpected twists of events and acts of courage make way for a second chance at true love and a new life for Anna Marie.


    One woman's shocking true story of abduction, war and survival. This book will astonish and inspire you.  

    In the fall of 1994, 21-year-old Elena Nikitina disappeared. Drugged and kidnapped by a group of Chechen gangsters, she was taken to Chechnya and held in a tiny room. Through eight horrifying months of captivity, and the outbreak of a genocidal war, all that kept her alive was hope.  
  • Across the Wilderness

    Across the Wilderness

    Pamela Ackerson delivers all the passion that fans of this Native American, historical, time travel series have come to love

    The mysterious dreams had become a reality. Traveling through time, Dr. Karen Anderson found herself in the land of the Lakota, in the midst of the Indian wars, and the movement west. Swept into the arms of the dark-haired warrior, Standing Deer, from her modern-day hustle and bustle to the temporary serenity of life on the Plains...over the span of time, they fight for yesterday and together find the promise of tomorrow.
  • The Carbynarah Chronicles

    The Carbynarah Chronicles

    Amazon - 5 Star ..... Goodreads - 5 star ..... KoBo - 5 Star - Fantasy Fiction -

  • Reality to Rags to Riches; Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife

    Reality to Rags to Riches; Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife

    Transparent and enlightening journey of the supposed lifestyle of the rich and famous. Life has taken me on a journey which took three major turns, each leading to a road of exploration and discovery, each crafting me into the person who would become skillful at using life’s compass in navigating new directions and negotiating what’s best for me.

    Transparent and enlightening reveal about my journey in the
  • Reflections of My Higher Self

    Reflections of My Higher Self

    A Journey Through the Dynamics of Belief, Perception and Sense of Identity

    With windows to his past used as a backdrop to the main purpose of his new novel
  • Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

    Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

    Your favourite spy finds himself as chief suspect in a classic murder-mystery

    Loreticus, the young imperial spymaster, is hounded out of the capital. He takes refuge in his childhood home, only to find that the enemy has moved in next door. A day later, and the enemy has been assassinated, and Loreticus is going to lose his head unless he finds the true murderer before the week is out.
  • Life in Chapel Springs

    Life in Chapel Springs

    Life in Chapel Springs has turned upside down and inside out.

    Is it a midlife pregnancy or … cancer? Claire will keep her secret until she’s sure—but it isn’t easy. Between gold fever hitting Chapel Springs, a nationwide art tour and her health, Claire’s life is upside down. Shy Lacey Dawson was happily writing murder mysteries for the community theater, but a freak accident results in traumatic injuries. When the bandages come off, Lacey’s world is tuned inside out.
  • First Sight

    First Sight

    Dominant man meets fragile female

    Garrett believed nothing was more important to him than success, until she walked into his life. Jessica has had to fight for everything her whole life, now she must fight her own insecurities to have a chance at love with Garrett.
  • Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free

    Addiction Unplugged : How To Be Free

    For all those affected by their own addictions or the addictions of others - a book for the twenty-first century.

    Addiction Unplugged is the first book of its kind to be written from the perspective of conscious awareness. Drawing on modern-day scientific discoveries, ancient spiritual wisdom, and real-life testimonies, John Flaherty presents readers with the practical means to move beyond the drama of addictive behaviors; leading the way out from victim mentality and into a more compelling, spiritually liberating, and empowered way of living.
  • Traitor Knight

    Traitor Knight

    Lies... Betrayal... Deception... And that's just the good guys.

    When Morgan rescues a damsel-in-distress from a dragon, he expects she’ll swoon, murmuring “My hero!” Instead, Marissa loathes the man everyone believes will betray Kilbourne. That’s fine with Morgan. A woman in his life would just complicate things. Morgan’s mission—to unmask a high-level informer– is fraught with distractions: the pesky dragon, a pair of conniving courtiers, and the disillusioned damsel who’s certain Morgan can’t be trusted. To save the kingdom, win the girl, and stay alive, Morgan will need to step up his game, for the traitor’s scheme includes the betrayal of Kilbourne and the destruction of Morgan McRobbie.
  • Guilt Unplugged : Waking Up From The Lie We Live

    Guilt Unplugged : Waking Up From The Lie We Live

    The stranglehold of guilt keeps the human being prisoner, crippling us and draining us of life.

    Guilt Unplugged : Waking Up From The Lie We Live explores the deepest layers of the debilitative and destructive mind-set that we call guilt. Its heartfelt and unique insight into the human condition, provides a comprehensive approach for dealing with the pain of guilt. It shows, in an entirely practical way, how we can begin to work from the deepest part of ourselves to experience self forgiveness and healing.
  • Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship

    Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship

    This is a comprehensive guidebook and step-by-step template for recognizing feelings of jealousy and insecurity as they come up with effective tools for sorting through those emotions, and when, if, and how to bring up challenging or potentially emotionally charged conversations with loved ones.

    Jealousy can have an enormous impact on some people, so it is no surprise that people (especially those who practice consensual non-monogamy) think, talk, and write about it quite a bit. In “Jealousy Survival Guide”, Kitty Chambliss does the homework for you and collects the best tidbits on life and emotions to give you inspiration and provide tools to gain and practice new skills. Combining her own life experience with these pearls of wisdom, Kitty focuses on jealousy in consensually non-monogamous relationships, what it is, how it expresses, and specific ways to manage it. Kitty’s frank discussion of her own struggles with jealousy and focus on specific skills and techniques — without a shred of blame — makes “Jealousy Survival Guide” a delightfully useful read for anyone struggling with jealousy or consensually non-monogamous relationships and polyamory.
  • Hell Follows (The Fixer: Book 2)

    Hell Follows (The Fixer: Book 2)

    Guns will blaze and fists will fly. The Fixer is back!

    An army-surplus cyborg and his superhuman partner return to the melee as a sinister forces try to take over their hometown. Roland and Lucia return to action and head for deep space to wage war against pirates, mobsters, and lawyers in this two-fisted cyberpunk action romp.
  • Escape the sea

    Escape the sea

    The sea is lost, pirates are death. Can Cassandra protect her heart when pirates desire it?

    Pirates. Love. Danger and a King that hunts her kind.
  • Facade


    A shocking new species hiding in plain sight.

    An undercover mission goes critical for Hunter and Trash when a woman becomes deathly ill.. Everything changed the day Elaan met Hunter. He is the key to a destiny that she never envisioned. Together they may have the potential to change the universe.
  • JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3; Kiss at Dawn

    JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3; Kiss at Dawn

    A different kind of vampire story.

    JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max (her ex lover), becomes embroiled in the search. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.
  • No Pit So Deep, The Cody Musket Story (Book 1)

    No Pit So Deep, The Cody Musket Story (Book 1)

    He never wanted to be a hero. She never meant to fall in love.

    Bronze Medal WINNER, 2017 READERS FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS. Romance suspense thriller about two strangers caught in the crosshairs of the underworld. Brandi Barnes, a single mom, is a gutsy investigative reporter who has exposed a child trafficking ring. When she is attacked by the syndicate, a stranger, Cody Musket, former decorated marine and major-league baseball player, steps up to save her. Now, they're both wanted by the traffickers.
  • How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live (A Spiritual Memoir)

    How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live (A Spiritual Memoir)

    Heartfelt reflections on the lessons and strength to be gained from grief and loss...a thoughtful think piece...spiritual insights...many well-sketched, even funny, anecdotes

    How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live is a narrative journal of the many spiritual lessons and gifts received during a period of tremendous loss in the author’s life, and how they were put to the test during her best friend's battle with cancer. It chronicles the close friendship they shared during this traumatic time and how they worked to stay conscious and move forward with their inner growth despite their pain.
  • The New Reign

    The New Reign

    Not your typical fantasy read.

    This is the first book in a 4 book series. Everything is written for a reason. Every miss-spelled word, every error. Confusing yes. But there is a reason for the madness. Find out by diving into the world Of Lite and Darke and see if you can figure out the key.
  • The Goliath Code

    The Goliath Code

    In the remains of what was once the most powerful nation on earth, one girl will stand against the greatest evil mankind has ever known.

    In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster, one girl fights to stay alive in an isolated mountain town where thousands are dead and hundreds are missing. As the world descends into chaos, neighbor soon turns against neighbor in a frantic grab for precious resources, but Sera Donner will risk everything to protect the people she loves...even if it means sacrificing herself to the greatest evil mankind has ever known. Prepare yourself for the horrors of The Goliath Code.
  • The Heart of the Matter: A Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-Love

    The Heart of the Matter: A Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-Love

    A workbook and guide that takes the esoteric idea of self-love and makes it accessible by offering practical steps, exercises, and meditations so you can rediscover the love that has been inside you all along.
  • The Awakening

    The Awakening

    A mother's love can be deadly...

    In The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy, Jessica Cartright has come of age. On top of being new to adulthood and all it encompasses; her nightly dreams are haunted by a faceless man guiding her deeper into the darkness. Fight or flight mode ensues, but she’s trapped. When she’s finally reunited with her first love, her dreams start becoming a reality. Is this a coincidence or are they somehow linked? When these two worlds collide, she fears for her life but finds there’s nowhere left to run. attempted rape scenes. Please note the key word is “attempted.”
  • Surviving To Twenty-One..and a little further

    Surviving To Twenty-One..and a little further

    Little boy deserted by his mother in NYC..True memoir of his traumatic youth

    This is a heart-felt memoir of a traumatic childhood in the NYC of the 1950s. Everyone who went through similar experiences will identify with him.
  • ZERO: The Wichita Falls Mystery

    ZERO: The Wichita Falls Mystery

    Death is a trade, not a business.

    Under no circumstance do I proclaim to know any one thing, but these three things I know, for sure. Firstly, a thunderclap will never fail to strike fear in my gut and a cold sweat up my spine, for as long as I live. Secondly, 1976 was the year the infamous Asher, leader of the Dallas Firebrand Gang, a cutthroat mob mothers and fathers guarded their children's vulnerable minds against, breathed his last. And, finally, history has a heinous way of repeating itself.
  • Duty & Betrayal - The SS Brotherhood & the NASA Connection

    Duty & Betrayal – The SS Brotherhood & the NASA Connection

    When a NASA scientist who worked for Hitler attends a conference in 1960s London, ex-Nazis and an international cast of spies materialize, hoping to steal secrets and settle old scores.

    In 1962, the Western powers’ leading scientists meet in London for a conference. A notorious Nazi war criminal is after an attendee from NASA who once worked on Hitler’s rocket program. But CIA agent Jack Stein will stop at nothing to protect him. Meanwhile, Stein’s loyal friend and intelligence source, Spencer Hall of MI5, is consumed with a personal vendetta. Soviet KGB and Israeli Mossad agents are in town too, and the secrets they’re after are nuclear in more ways than one.
  • Passion's Dream

    Passion’s Dream

    Stalker. Ex-Navy SEAL. Woman in danger.

    When Clay “Raven” Nighthorse is offered a job protecting Leah Stanhope, he declines. Until he realizes that she’s the woman he met on a beach three years ago and never forgot. Now not only must he keep her safe, he must convince her that they are destined to be together
  • Divorce From Satan

    Divorce From Satan

    Your Sins on Trail by Satan

    The story about a young man that leaves home and goes out into the World that only bring deep darkness into life of bondage's.
  • Unregistered


    Living the ideal life is a human right, unless you’re unregistered.

    Living under the watchful eye of the Metrics Worldwide Government has its perks. Citizens are assigned a life, so they don’t worry about finding schools, jobs, or spouses for themselves. The only people left out are the unlucky accidental second children, called the unregistered. For 20-year-old Bristol, this is the only life he knows.
  • Scent from Heaven

    Scent from Heaven

    Malevolent undertones threaten to destroy the tempestuous yet endearing affair of another doomed Adams boy ....

    Scent from Heaven begins the second trilogy and Rodeo fever is the backdrop to the latest seductive tale of the fated Adams boys. Evan Jnr's craving to re-kindle the one night of ecstasy drives him to the brink of insanity as the Jasmine scented Georgie seeps into his soul however, fate is up to its old tricks as the tempestuous yet endearing affair of another ill-fated Adams boy whose only hope is that happiness lies in his destiny, which waits just around the corner, over the hill...
  • Dinner and a Murder

    Dinner and a Murder

    Is Mansford Mansion really haunted? A whodunit in a house that's haunted-or is it?

    Every 50 years, a catastrophe befalls a 150-year-old mansion where a murder was committed. This is the third 50-year anniversary of the mansion which has been turned into a mystery dinner theater. But when the lights go up, one of the guests is dead. And it happened right under the nose of a St. Louis City Homicide Detective who never saw a thing.
  • Hidden in the Dark: Every Family Has Secrets - Some Are Worth Dying For

    Hidden in the Dark: Every Family Has Secrets – Some Are Worth Dying For

    Dark domestic thriller, psychological suspense

    Dark psychological suspense with twists and turns that will leave your head spinning. Guaranteed to keep you reading past your bedtime.
  • Unharmonious


    A shy, socially awkward symphony cellist mourns the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash.

    A shy, socially awkward symphony cellist mourns the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash. After taking a long leave of absence, she returns to rehearsal, and is followed on her way home. She loses her pursuer, but then gets threatening phone calls. A man claiming to be a detective shows up at her door asking questions about her husband, his business and his plane crash. Unnerved and upset,she embarks on her own journey to learn the truth, and the more she learns, the deeper she ventures into danger.