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Lust, Lessons, Love and Life

Real Life Topics, Poetry Compilations, Uncensored

Lust, Lessons, Love and Life

Full Description

The things I sometimes succumb to mentally and physically. Is it fantasy or the freedom from commitment I truly seek. Sometimes, the feelings confuse me because its similar to love, only temporary attachment. The false connection clouds my ability to withdraw from participating even though I’m aware that its momentary fulfillment. There are often times when my weaker self…wins.
Chose to live daily instead of once as the cliché’ proclaims. Merely existing allows others and situations to decide if you win or lose, the privilege to be happy or sad and it relinquishes your power to follow those you designated through indecisiveness instead of leading the life you were meant to control. Live it or it is lived for you. Either way you are a participant.
That feeling of its meant to be and I’m going to accept you being free, with me. The willingness to embrace flaws, disagree to make up and inhale while your significant only exhales for you. Eyes filled with awe and anger. Kissing honest but sometimes lying lips. Feeling pleasure and pain. It’s better to have loved and not lost.
Moments that humble, help or hinder you. To be better because you know better. The best administrator of choices and consequences. Growth and wisdom determines pass or fail. Class is always in session. The student never becomes the teacher.

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