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A Grave for Kings

A riveting coming of age tale in a new Epic fantasy series

A Grave for Kings

Full Description

A riveting new novel from a promising new author, fans of the fantasy genre are in for a treat. Magic, mystery, political intrigue, love, betrayal, great characters, excellent world-building, a gritty setting, epic battles and fast-paced hand to hand combat, this book has it all.

This is the tale of the Guardian. The world, dark even in the best of times, has just seen the most devastating of wars ravage its land and stain its oceans. Now, as the people of Altera fight to recover, more conflicts arise out of the ashes. One Lord finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder for the next attempt on his life; survivors flee through frozen forests and frosted peaks to escape the deadliest of assailants; a recently toppled government tries to put itself back together now that their conqueror has fallen; perhaps worst of all, a black cloud of fear hangs overhead as word travels of dark powers rising – an ancient evil that, if proven to be more than just a myth, threatens to engulf the land.

On one side of Altera, in a land strange and mysterious to the common folk of the world, but so understood by its natives it seems almost clairvoyant, a battle of ferocious proportions rages. Far from there, across seas and land and more seas, one leader confronts another and many schemes are afoot. Far from both of them, on the northern most continent, one man leans with his back to a wall, the living becoming the dead all around him. His name is Cailen Stormfire, but the people of the world call him the Guardian. This is his story. Amidst war, heartache, betrayal, loss and much more, he struggles to come to terms with the effects one life can have on so many others. As he is swept along the tide that is the will of the people, he will learn as well as anyone ever has, that the world he calls home is a Grave for Kings.


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