A Sensible Theology for Thinking People (A retired Southern Baptist minister talks candidly about the Bible, Theology, and Contemporary Concerns)

Having served the church and taught for over forty years, Dr. L. Milton Hankins discusses the Bible and Theology, the Church, and Contemporary Concerns from the liberal perspective. His book covers many topics, including “Time and Beginnings,” “The Nature of God,” “Holy Books,” “The Historical Jesus,” “The Relationship Between God and Humanity,” “Sin and Evil,” “Death and Dying,” “The Kingdom of God” and “God’s Will.”

Under the Bible and Contemporary Concerns, Dr. Hankins discusses racism and bigotry, marriage and divorce, sex and sexual diversities, homosexuality, genetic engineering and stem cell research, as well as other topics of general interest.

True to the title of his work, Dr. Hankins adopts a “sensible” approach to religion and the church. His final chapter is a summation of his beliefs and personal conclusions based upon his studies.

Readers will find the book riveting and will find themselves rethinking many of their previously-held ideas.