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A wife Scorned

What happens to a cheating husband? This wife's moves are unpredictable.

A wife Scorned

Full Description

(Lust is a deadly sin for a reason.)
A professional business man, Mr. Steven Williams a normal person with a weakness for skillfully, cheating on his beautiful wife.
His favorite activities are deadly, to his mind, body, and any female willing to cross his wife. Despite the fact, his mother rejects his visits. He acts as if everyone else is crazy.
Mr. Williams loves lurking around the city streets at night, seeking out a particular kind of lady, one that knows how to satisfy the desires of his flesh.
Mrs. Williams begged him to change his sinful ways, all for the better. Although she carries a heavier burden alone, which is mostly every evening. Desperately she, prays to keep faithful in the mist of dealing with the retributions cast down on her.
His wife believes that everyone had a price to pay whether seen or unseen your sins will have to be accounted for.
As usual death is to be expected when the devil sits at your dinner table.
Tragedy strikes shaking the whole community. Murder Investigator, Mr. Moore is called to the home of Mr. Steven Williams located inside a prestigious gated subdivision. When Detective Moore views the gruesome suicide scene, it destroys his soul. Now, the two people in the world Zamora trusted the most of all tore her life
apart. She wished them dead by whatever means necessarily she needed them dead.

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