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Act Two

Set in the uniquely passionate world of the theatre, Act Two is a sweet clean romance peppered with love triangles, humor, suspense and surprises.

Act Two

Full Description

Anna Marie is the creative director of a professional theatre in the Midwest. Her lifelong friend, Bill, works on the administrative team as her technical director. Together they make magic producing shows for the highly successful theatre. Anna Marie’s husband, Kevin is a high-end bartender and entertainer for the rich and famous. His exciting career takes him on world-wide adventures—leaving him with plenty of opportunities to be unaccounted for. When a letter arrives at the theatre, Anna Marie’s life is turned upside down. She discovers that her husband has another wife. Not only is there another wife, but she has a child that is named after Anna Marie. Once the secret is revealed, her heart is shattered. She is left to question everything she once knew, including the stability of the highly charismatic but docile man she once loved. Anna Marie learns that Kevin has a gun and his second wife, Darci, is afraid of him. She worries over the possibility of a violent reaction to their discovery. She insists that Anna Marie buy her time to secure her financial situation and make a plan for her and her child’s safety before they confront Kevin. The situation is more than Anna Marie can handle and Bill suggests that she retreat to her sister in Florida. As Bill continues to finish their current production, he does everything he can to help Anna Marie deal with the shocking situation. Darci’s behavior becomes extreme and unpredictable as she makes an unexpected decision to try to save her marriage. Kevin announces that he is only interested in mending his relationship with his beloved Anna Marie, but she makes it clear that she has no love left for him. While the play is being presented, a crime of passion unfolds in the lobby. In the end, Anna Marie discovers her friend Bill has been quietly in love with her his entire life. Once again the confusion is too much and she retreats to her sister. What will she do next? Can she pick up the broken pieces and rediscover who she really is? More importantly, can she find the strength to step into a second chance at a new life?
Act Two is peppered with laughter, love and suspense. As Anna Marie’s story unfolds, she is surrounded by a variety of lovable friends and eccentric family members. A youthful love triangle and a charming elderly couple also find themselves facing similar situations and challenges regarding life, love and romance. The true heart of the book lies in the shared relationships of three generations as they learn from one another and support each other along the long and winding road to true love.

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