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Action Men and the Great Zarelda

An Unusual Crime, a Beautiful Lady, Two Goofy Guys with Gadgets.

Action Men and the Great Zarelda

Full Description

“When the woman sat beside me on the plane, I had to try and stop myself from staring. Not only was she unusually beautiful, she was unusually dressed for plane travel. The top half of her red dress was, well, body-hugging some impressive curves. The bottom half was tight around her hips but, below, it exploded into cascades of ruffles. She looked like a dancer … a flamenco dancer. I found this just slightly odd, because even assuming she was traveling straight to her performance venue, wouldn’t she have means after her arrival to change from her street clothes into costume?
As she sat beside me, taking the window seat, I tried not to look ridiculous. It’s hard not to look ridiculous when you look like me – a ginger-headed, pasty freckle face – but, I mean, I hoped I wasn’t drooling or looking like a fish that had forgotten to close its mouth. She turned her face towards me, and, for a moment, it was like she was in a shampoo commercial, one where there is a fan blowing and, instead of blowing the style apart, every hair flows into its perfect place. Maybe, it was a York Peppermint Pattie commercial that was supposed to have wind whipping through your hair. I know I was getting sensations even without eating a York Peppermint Pattie. I tried to speak, but nothing came out.”
This is how the latest mystery adventure begins with Jack Donegal and Andy Westin, “toy men” with Out of the Box Toys … and sometimes sleuths. Andy is smitten with the Great Zarelda. He agrees to act as her magician’s assistant for a show, even if it might involve getting sawed in half or other indignities done to his person. When a mysterious blue feather falls from her voluminous skirts, Jack suspects the lady of an unusual crime and is all for Andy acting as her assistant … while investigating her. Andy does the footwork and Jack supplies the spy gadgetry, and the two get themselves into both wacky and dangerous predicaments.

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