Adjusting My Sails

When Hannah Curran wakes up in a jail cell, she realizes she may have a drinking problem. Her husband Jason and her kids have been putting up with it for years. Jason has finally had enough and kicks her out. With nowhere to go, Hannah moves in with her mother. With no car and no license, she is forced to quit her job, and she’s facing legal trouble to boot. She is scared and overwhelmed, but determined to put the pieces of her shattered life back together.

Hannah seeks help through an outpatient program, with the hope of getting her family back. She stops drinking, but dealing with life on life’s terms isn’t always easy, and it’s a journey of self-discovery for Hannah. Along the way, she meets Joy, a recovering addict, who becomes her first friend in sobriety. Soon after, she meets Scott, a handsome man with seven years of sobriety. There’s a mutual attraction there, but Hannah would never act on it. Then there’s Leslie, her AA sponsor, who saves her in more ways than one.

Life in sobriety is challenging, and Hannah must learn to deal with love, loss, and heartache without her best friend, vodka. If she can just get her family back, everything will be okay. Or will it?