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Alex in Femiland: A Politically Incorrect Novel of Morals

In the present wave of political hysteria, it may take a novel to show us the truth.

Alex in Femiland: A Politically Incorrect Novel of Morals

Full Description

Alex is a sarcastic South American research physicist who moves from Harvard to teach at The Sound College, south of Seattle, so as to be near his young son. It is 1989, when political correctness is beginning to take over campuses nationwide, setting aside such technicalities as due process and freedom of speech. Alex makes fun of the cult of victimhood, which makes him a target of the Sound political activists, who consider him a traitor because his behavior is unbecoming a “person of color.” Soon they bring him up on false charges of sexual harassment, a favorite weapon of feminists against professors who oppose them. His students, though, stand by him, and he bests Maria, the Affirmative Action Officer, who has led a ludicrous investigation. The next time around, however, he is not so fortunate. Alex has fallen in love with a former student, Linda, a glorious affair interrupted by the canonizing of Anita Hill as the Matron Saint of the Left. Two women, motivated by spite and jealousy, bring new sexual harassment accusations against Alex. With practically the whole Sound College against him, the upcoming farcical “investigation” should make the destruction of Alex’s career a foregone conclusion.

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