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ALGEBRA in WORDS: A Guide of Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations


Full Description

This is the prequel to ALGEBRA in WORDS 2: MORE Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations (2015)…
If you are seeking clarity and success in learning (or teaching) algebra, this is the book you are looking for. One of the biggest missing factors in math education is communication. This book provides that missing element. It is a personal tutor by your side, translating the math into words, explaining what things mean, giving you clues to look for, and telling you how to solve problems.
This guide focuses on all the important topics of algebra including:
-Linear Equations
-Systems of Linear Equations
-Quadratic Equations
-Complex Rational Expressions
-Powers and Radicals
This book explains this seemingly complicated subject through unique sections you won’t find in any other study guide such as:
-Obscure Properties of Zero, One and Negatives
-The Real Order of Operations
-The Prime Number Multiples Table
-Is 51 a Prime Number?
-GCF vs. LCD
-What Does “Undefined” Mean?
-Parallel & Perpendicular Lines on a Graph
-What Does “Solving in Terms of” Mean?
-The Wrong Way to Simplify a Rational Expression
-The Part Everyone Forgets (The Last Step of the Quadratic Equation)
-Special Words for Special Cases
-Prime vs. No Solution
-The All-LCD Method
-Cross-Multiplying vs. Cross Cancelling
-List of Common Radical Fingerprints
-Manipulating & Simplifying Radicals
-The Two Meanings of “Cancelling Out”
-What Does “Error” on a Calculator Mean?
-Scientific Notation on Your Calculator
-FMMs (Frequently Made Mistakes).
This book contains:
-Step-by-step instructions
-Annotated examples
-Detailed descriptions
-Hyperlinks for quick and easy topic reference
-will help you process what you see and hear
-will tell you how to write and speak the math
-highlights the most commonly made mistakes
-connects key topics that cross through different chapters
With its easy click-able hyperlinks and table of contents, this is the perfect resource to keep on any smart device to help you with homework or prepare for an exam. It will help any middle school, high school or college student solidify the important fundamentals used in Basic Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Introductory Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.
By the author of GRADES, MONEY, HEALTH: The Book Every College Student Should Read (2010), this is the book every math student should have.
Utilize this book to get a clearer understanding of algebra, to improve your grades… and to learn why GEMA is the new PEMDAS!
This book is a great companion to your textbook. It also makes a great gift for 8th grade, junior high and high school (college bound) graduates. The Kindle version can easily be emailed or printed and put in a card, then redeemed and used through the free Kindle App on any Android, Apple or Windows device.
Once you complete this book, consider the follow-up:
“ALGEBRA IN WORDS 2: MORE Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations,” which focuses on
Absolute Value Equations
Cubes & Cubics
Scientific Notation
Gregory Bullock is also the author of
“CHEMISTRY in WORDS: Constructing Lewis Dot Structures and 3D Molecular Geometry”
“COLLEGE SUCCESS: An Insider’s Guide to Higher GRADES, More MONEY, and Better HEALTH,” and
“APPENDICITIS: Know What It Feels Like Before It’s Too Late.”

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