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An Animalish Man

suspense, unconventional, short story, erotic, original, fresh, contemporary

An Animalish Man

Full Description

An Animalish Man: How often do guys think about sex.
A man named Ulf doesn’t identify himself with the characters of romances. We observe a part of his life, his deeds, and thoughts about sex; things that men do, but not always admit it. He is an emotional intelligent guy, and like every man, he is mainly driven by a sex drive, that he must cope. It is hard to say if he is a man of action, but because of a man’s nature, he gets into deep troubles and needs to find a way to stay alive.
We meet a guy with his sex life and erotic fantasies. Before we even notice, he is sudden involved in a memorable crime intrigue. There are conspiracy background and unpredicted ending.
“Fresh… not obvious read.”

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