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An emperor for the animals

The fishes, birds and animals want to exterminate man but then there is The prince of Shalom the son of King El Olam and he goes about sometimes as a man

An emperor for the animals

Full Description

The fishes, birds and animals have decided to make man extinct in order to remove the threat of extinction that many of their species face and to stop their extinction.
Zythor the crocodile is chosen to represent the birds and animals at the meeting of the fishes and the fishes at meetings of the birds and meetings of the animals.
Soon there is a split and the animals led by Theldon the donkey decides to wait for King El Olam to set up the State of Utopia. Another group of animals led by Ignost the tiger still want to see the extinction of man and they are offered assistance by The Light Bearer.
The birds tries to trick the animals and the fishes but they are double crossed by Zhroster the eagle. Soon Zhroster the eagle joins the animals that wants to wait for King El Olam to set up the State of Utopia. Zhroster the eagle however can only count on the support of the doves, pigeons and domesticated birds. Another group of birds led by Turpol the buzzard wants to see the extinction of man and he has the support of the crow, the hawk and the falcon. This group of birds are approached by The Light Bearer and he offers each a chance to reign by his side when man is made extinct.
The fishes recognized that they of necessity must side with the animals that want to wait for the State of Utopia to be set up by King El Olam.
Battle line are drawn and The Light Bearer is leading the fight to exterminate man while The Prince of Shalom champions the cause for the preservation of man.
The Light Bearer seeks to get an advantage so he seek to limit the power of The Invisible One who he totally fears.


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