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An Interview with Lucifer

Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Angels, Preaching, Christian, Christian Fiction, Heaven, Hell, Lies, Antichrist, Jesus Christ

An Interview with Lucifer

Full Description

The most important work of every Christian is to win others to Christ. An Interview With Satan was written with just that purpose. Based upon scripture the story comes alive from the first page where the interview takes place in Madison Square Garden. It’s clear throughout the book that many people, including some Christians aren’t sure about whether there is a heaven or a hell–or they act as if they just don’t care!

At the very least, An Interview With Satan will make make the reader think about how they will be spending their eternity. We only have two choices. We can choose to be tormented in hell or at peace with Jesus. Eddie Cruz tells all in this Christian fiction representation of an interview with Lucifer, aka Satan.

Get the book and get educated about this thief who has come to steal, kill and destroy according to John 10:10!


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