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Ancient Ways:

The Roots of Religion

Ancient Ways:

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Too often we tweak religion to reflect our personal thoughts rather than dealing directly with the Word of God. Monotheism, today is represented by at least nine living faiths, yet praying to God alone is not enough, for many. Instead we pray to Prophets, angels, saints, ancestors, deities, even the universe. This creates a chain of “Paths” and “Ways” which become stained, over time, by human desires for control and material benefits. And as darkness and materialism overtake one Faith, another is born, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, which is clothed in a different form, with a new name, and very familiar teachings. Like the Tree of Life, monotheism can be visualized as a chain linking prehistory and history, entwined with human additions, wisps and twists that produce an undulating, ultimate Yin and Yang. This constant interaction of complementary, as well as conflicting, forces and energies, exhibits both organic unity and dynamism even war. Those who suspect there is a unified core of basic belief should enjoy Ancient Ways. Hopefully, you will find precious gems to take with you. Author, Diane Olsen’s Debut Book Release. NOTE: (Jay, this is a client of mine) Catherine Lyon Book Promos  

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