About Angandeep –

I am an IT Engineer working in Bangalore,India but still the lust to become writer has never been dull.

I am from a middle class family living in south Kolkata,grown up reading story books..I used to wait eagerly for new books during durgapuja and I feel those books have led me to think, feel and more immensely dream to write my own book.​

My passion to read books came from my father and with time it grew. That passion turned into a dream overtime to see myself on the other side of the page where I will entertain my readers.

Questions –

1. When did realize that you wanted to be an author?
Answer : I have been writing short stories in my diaries during my school life, but never got the courage to publish them or work more on them. It was just after working in corporate world for nearly 6 years, that I realized I need to go back to my hobby of writing. So it was sometime around 2016 that I realized I want to be an author.
2. How long does it take for you to write one of your books?
Answer : Normally I would say somewhere between 6 months to a year, but for this boom – The Bygone Library, it took me more than a year to complete it. There was a lot of research needed to be done in order to connect different events in history along with the places, monuments and other details. Also there has been a lot of self-editing that I did to make this book to be a good one for my readers.
3. How do you balance your work schedule when you’re busy writing?
Answer : Being someone working in the corporate world, it gets very difficult to manage work schedule and writing. At first it was very difficult managing both of the things. But after a while everything fell into place once I divided my time of work and time of writing. My office work takes most of my time, so I kept an hour for writing everyday in the morning. Once that started, it became a habit to write everyday for an hour in the morning before starting my office works.
4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Answer : My interesting writing quirk would be the mystery that I try to create in my story. I would say that this is the single most important thing to keep the reader guessing what can and would happen next. 
5. How do you come up with ideas for your books?
Anser : Reading books and watching movies. The ideas sprang up while watching movies mostly. However, there are some very good adventure, thriller mystery books which inspire me and also give me ideas for new books and plots.
6. When did you write your first book?
Answer : My first book is The Bygone Library. I have completed writing it around May 2018. After that the editing, book cover, publishing took nearly 6-7 months.
7. What are your hobbies when you’re not writing?
Answer : My hobbies are travelling – mainly nature and adventure trips, reading books- lot of them, watching movies and tv series – mainly Marvel and DC series and surfing net to know more about the unsolved mysteries of the world and the universe.
8. What does your family and close friends think of your writing?
Answer : My family and my friends are very much excited and confident about my writing. It would not have been possible without my wife, mom and sister helping and criticizing me on my writing. My friends have given me confidence and provided me with good and important facts to help me write the novels
9. What was one of the most interesting things that you learned about yourself when you published your first book?
Answer : Before publishing this book, I had no idea about book publishing. I was a complete newbie here. While self-publishing, I came to know about the book and publishing industry a lot. The most important thing I learned while publishing is that, writing a novel or completing a manuscript is just 25% of your work. The main part comes next. You should be able to be ready to go the extra mile to connect with the readers, know their point of view and then start promoting and marketing your book.
10. How many books have you written? Which one is your favorite?
Answer : The Bygone Library is my first book. I am working on two different novels right now – a detective and an action/adventure. For now, I think my favorite would be the detective one.
11. What do you think makes a good story?
Answer : The facts and based on that the imagination that is created. If that hooks the reader, then that’s a good story. A story should be something that a reader would enjoy reading and keep in mind for much longed than he/she thought.
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