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ANTIQUE or Shabby Chic?

What is it? What's it worth? How do you sell it?

ANTIQUE or Shabby Chic?

Full Description

NEW REVISED EDITION! Best selling Kindle ebook. How to sell on eBay and Craig’slist, how to use Paypal, how to smart search, how to sell silver for scrap, how to read silver marks, how to appraise fine art, how to spot the most obvious repros, 8 different ways to sell your goods online or off with the pros and cons of each, how to get free appraisals, how to work with dealers, how to sell at auction, how to save money while you value your valuables, how to decide what to keep and what to sell? Even tips for conservation and restoration.
Written by a professional antiques dealer who once appraised on the Antiques Road Show. She has sold thousands of items online and off. The author is a journalist, dealer and conservator who shares 20 years experience in selling antiques and collectibles. Condensed into the most essential information so you will learn fast and have fun researching your heirlooms and valuables. The BOOKMARKS section at the end is a gold mine of online resources to save time and money.
NEW–never before published and recently written featuring the latest tools and techniques in simple, concise language with humor sprinkled throughout.
Whether you have heirlooms to research, you buy storage lockers or shop at thrift stores, this is the one reference you need now. Even seasoned traders will pick up some pointers. E BOOK priced at only $3.99 so everyone can start right now at home learning how to identify, appraise or sell like professional appraisers and dealers. THIS BOOK WILL PAY FOR ITSELF a hundred times over.

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