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Cool Gear To Own

Author Katie Blanchard

About Katie -  Katie Blanchard is the author of Pressing Flowers. She resides in Southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids. When Katie isn't jotting down ideas for new books, she can be found chasing her kids around or crocheting in..

Author Keith Steinbaum

About Keith -  From many years of writing poetry, to a decade as a scratching-of-the-surface professional song lyricist, I eventually branched out towards a desire to write a novel, culminating in the completion of my first book, "The Poe Conseq..

Author Emilia Evans

About Emilia -  Since my early childhood I have always had a passion for reading; I love the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe series of books by C.S Lewis and also the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling. The thrill of adventure and fantasy and ..

Author Gonzalo Munévar

About Gonzalo -  Gonzalo Munévar is a retired university professor.  He has a Ph.D. from Berkeley in philosophy of science, a field in which he has published many research books and articles with some of the top academic publishers.  He beg..

Author Honor Raconteur

About Honor-  Ever since Honor Raconteur was a toddler, she has been making up stories. She would entertain anyone willing to listen to her wild fantasies about unicorns and gargoyles and amazing people. At 13, she started writing the stories dow..

Author Rosalind Morris

About Rosalind -  Rosalind Morris earned her BS in Drama/Television/Film from Oral Roberts University. Rosalind is a produced playwright and a published children's book author. She is excited to make her novelist debut, with the release of The W..