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To what lengths would you go to protect the people you care about most?


Full Description

Tori Farrell has lived an incredible life. Raised by a Motorcycle Gang, trained to be an assassin, and a target of the FBI, having a normal life became an obsession. Taking her place in her brother’s band, she refused to let her dark and dangerous past force her to remain in hiding. The only problem with that was, some knew who she was in her former life.

The halfway house burned to the ground and her friends in imminent danger, it is time for Tori to take a stand. Surrounding herself with the strongest and darkest men that she can trust, she sets out on the greatest adventure of her life: to bring The Organization to their knees. Will they make it through the maze of lies and deceit? Will the FBI turn out to be friend or foe? And most importantly, will they all survive, as Tori makes her push to be avenged…

˃˃˃ Warning:
BOOK-MA ”” This book is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore is unsuitable for children under 17.

L – Coarse language

S – Sexual content

V – Violence

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Book 7 – Avenged ©2017