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A Sinister Soul Ventures upon a Grim, Supernatural Demise


Full Description

He’s just an innocent four year old child, like any other four year old kid, but in the dead of night he makes a terrible decision and neglects his invisible friend, the unforgiving dead. The disturbed boy becomes possessed by something grotesque and not of this earth – he has acquired an unusual taste for his victim’s ghosts. His parents cannot cope any longer and have to make a drastic decision; a decision that will one day come right back and haunt them – they disown the deranged boy.

One day, the murderous adult stumbles upon a strange egg – the fragile vessel beholds special powers and may even cure him of all of his past sins, no matter how bad, no matter how evil. The acting Police Sergeant chasing down the criminal has to cut his emotional ties, for he is hot on the killer’s blood-thirsty trail. But he had better capture the tyrant, and fast; he has to break the dreaded curse for he and his wife are next on the hit-list.

So, when you hear your child interacting with his invisible friend in the dead of night, do take heed, or you will be scared to death.


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