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Baghdad: The Final Gathering

A captivating tale of love and hope!

Baghdad: The Final Gathering

Full Description

“Wars, an embargo, and forbidden love in this once peaceful city…”
With the drums of war just weeks away, Omar invites all those closest to his heart for lunch at his lavish villa overlooking the Tigris River of Baghdad. He can’t help but smile at the faces that have graced his eventful life that spans from an interesting childhood, the two Gulf Wars, and the inhumane embargo that crippled the nation. Loved ones come together, probably for the last time, in the city their ancestors called Baghdad or Baghdadu, “God’s Gift.”
Memories upon memories linger in Omar’s head. He has survived times of struggle, holding on to hope and love along the way. As he reflects on his journey, as a man destined to live a hard life in tumultuous times, he ponders a clouded future, on the brink of unknown change.

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