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Beyond the Fire

Enter the world of Amity, and discover joy Beyond the Fire.

Beyond the Fire

Full Description

Destry feels trapped and resentful. Everything seems hopeless as wind hurls snow against the Cotton’s sturdy home. This trip to visit Philip’s family is among the worst in a growing list of unexpected events in her life and she can see no light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, the more she learns of Amity, and Philip’s family, she begins to perceive a pattern. The world is wicked and terrible things happen, but there is good here as well; and as Bill shares his unfolding saga, it appears that God allows trials to afflict all of mankind, forcing every person on earth to choose between walking in anger or the joy of the Lord. With growing excitement, Destry begins to wonder if her current hardship is merely another opportunity for her to make that choice. Unable to control her circumstances, Destry realizes she can change her attitude. As hope begins to blossom in her heart, she knows joy awaits her Beyond the Fire.

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