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Billionaire Wife Auction

Worth Every Penny

Billionaire Wife Auction

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Brandy Anthony had come to terms with her solitary, mundane life of near poverty. But when one of her roommates disappears overnight, she starts to investigate why. She soon discovers that her friend had willingly put herself up for auction, sold into a yearlong wedding contract to the highest bidder. With millions on the line, her cut would be more than enough to live a life of luxury when the contract was over.
After a treatment and dressing by the auction house’s stylist Aahz, Brandy finds herself at a crossroads in her life and at the mercy of the bidders for her affection. She meets Dorian Quinn, the son of billionaire steel producer Aldridge Quinn and whose legacy requires Dorian to have a family if he is to continue in the family business. Despite the money Dorian is willing to bid for Brandy, his only interest in her is to appease his father’s old fashioned requirements.
Brandy begins to unravel the mystery behind Dorian’s past and discovers that despite their marriage he is still only in love with his long dead first wife. She decides she is willing to play the charade for as long as it takes to fulfill her obligation, unless she loses her heart to him first.

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