Breaking the Gen Z Code: The Unveiling of the Daniel Generation

At the writing of this book, we find our nation at a crossroads. Shootings on school campuses have become more common, Christian faith amongst young people is at an all-time low and the LGBTQ movement is at its peak. Yet God is raising up young people for a time such as this! Breaking the Gen Z Code is more than a book. It’s a training manual for spiritual warfare on how to defeat the goliaths of our generation and how to release the supernatural power of God in the earth realm.Pastor Gaspar Anastasi has written a special chapter dedicated to parents about their specific role in raising up this Daniel Generation.As you begin this journey on how to become fully equipped in God’s Army have your Bible handy, as there are many scriptural references provided to help you get grounded in the Word. Have a pen ready to answer thought provoking questions throughout to challenge yourself to go beyond being educated to becoming an active disciple in God’s army. Read and reread this manual and be inspired to be all that God has called you to be. Remember, in the end, God’s way and His will, will prevail! We have the victory! Enjoy!