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Buick Cannon (A Joke From the Moon)

A wacky, zany, comic, horror werewolf tale!

Buick Cannon (A Joke From the Moon)

Full Description

Buick Cannon is a bookshop owner in the town of Peekie, Colorado. He is also a werewolf. After stepping into a portal on his way to work, things begin to get zany. A black mansion he knows nothing about haunts his sleep, and a strange, itchy blood lust begins to rise.
Still, there’s no moon outside. Spaceships are chasing him. He’s drinking too much, and on top of everything else, he can’t stop imagining his fellow coworker, Christine, naked.
Buick hasn’t the slightest idea what the hell is going on. But as the local law enforcement closes is, he isn’t sure he can restrain himself, and what follows is a bloody trail going back centuries, and a curse as old as time itself.

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