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C.I.A. Brat

True Memoir of How a Budding R&B Musician survived the 60's, Drugs, and a Nutzoid Mom

C.I.A. Brat

Full Description

Dad was a career CIA man who had segued from OSS after WWII. Mom was not-so-typical housewife of the 50’s and 60’s who, among other odd things, tried getting her three boys hooked on cigarettes before they were teens. Musical influences affected the boy showcased in the memoir, at many junctures in his life. He started gigging on blues guitar in smoky blues clubs before the age of 17. He fronted a six piece R&B band gigging all over the Washington DC region a few years later. That band had a 3-piece horn section and half the songs were originals. The reference to ‘drugs’ in the subtitle pertains to the mind-altering drugs which most youngsters dealt with in those heady times. Drugs can be used to ‘get kicks’ for sure, but the CIA story delves deeper, and articulates how some drugs can enhance deep spiritual explorations.



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