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Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom

The perfect bedtime story for your kid!

Candy's Chocolate Kingdom

Full Description

Welcome to the chocolaty, imaginative world of Candy. A cute, little girl with chocolate on her mind and in her dreams. Join Candy’s adventure in the Chocolate Kingdom, as she explores the delicious goodness of the empire, literally made of chocolate. Who hasn’t imagined hot and cold running milk chocolate taps and the excitement of living in a land where everything can be eaten? However, there’s a lesson to be learned when too much of a good thing teaches Candy about excess and limits.
Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom is book one of the Kingdom Fantasy Series for young children. It’s the perfect blend of vivid illustrations and easy text for children learning to read. Introduce your child to the wonder of books by downloading this bedtime story today. Candy will delight and entertain long after the book is closed.

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