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African Americans

  • Massa's Baby

    Massa’s Baby

    Take a walk in the backwoods of slavery.

    In 1791 Sugga was born into slavery on Dan Cobweb's plantation in Mansfield, Louisiana. She was the product of a Negro mother and a White father who she would go on to know as Massa. After spending over two decades on Mr. Cobweb's plantation, she was sold to Henry Winslow in Houston, Texas. Where she would eventually learn the mental bondage of slavery and the effect that it had on the Negro nation.
  • A Scorpion's Sting

    A Scorpion’s Sting

    Fiction, suspense, urban, thriller, street fiction, african american, scorpio,

    Pink Maxwell’s independent debut novel A Scorpion’s Sting is an ingenious tale of heart-wrenching love, pain, and egotistical desires. The story centers around Tammy’s relationships with family, friends, and lovers as she forges through adulthood, paves her way to self-discovery, and fights an ongoing battle to forget her abusive past that constantly terrorizes her dreams. Her dreams suddenly becomes a live nightmare when the people of her past resurfaces and she is pulled between two worlds of finding forgiveness and seeking revenge. Family secrets, lies, and a deadly vengeance will be the reason she finally fights back with a sting.
  • From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History

    From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History

    A provocative memoir of social conflict in America

    From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History seeks to convey the exhilaration the author feels at having walked in the shadow of history of a Dr. King, a Miles Davis, a John Lennon, a Bob Marley, and many others. Hutchinson’s mission is to make the reader feel the exhilaration he felt meeting the people whose monumental accomplishments affected the lives of millions over a half century from the mid-1960s to the first decade of the 21st Century.
  • A Hood Affair

    A Hood Affair

    Be careful of who you call a friend

    Take a ride down the streets of Charlotte NC better known as the Queen city. Shaneice, bka Neicee and her boyfriend Quentin, known as Q takes you on a whirlwind of surprises. Q loves Neicee with everything in him, but he can't remain faithful. Neicee is from the hood and she grew up the only girl of 6 kids. She was determined to never have to go back to the hood. Despite where she is from, she graduated from law school and has built the reputation as the baddest hood lawyer to ever grace the streets of Charlotte. Now, someone is out to kill Neicee. Could it be one of Q's sideline hoes? Unbeknownst to Q, Neicee has her own secret. Will Q lose Neicee or will she remain his ride or die chick?
  • Sex Fiend 2

    Sex Fiend 2

    Hot steamy page turner

    This is the sequel to the steamy erotic tale Sex Fiend. The characters will have you hooked.
  • Move Dat Doe

    Move Dat Doe

    Drama, Love, and Lies are all wrapped up in this intriguing tale of deceit.
  • The Book of Negroes

    The Book of Negroes

    The Book of Negroes: A Novel (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Movie Tie-in Editions)

    Lawrence Hill’s award-winning novel is a major television miniseries airing on BET Networks.