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Education & Teaching

  • ABC Book for toddlers

    ABC Book for toddlers

    ABC Book for toddlers

    It's an early Learning Book for Toddlers between age 1-4 years to have fun while learning about English alphabets, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. With each English alphabets there are five pictures associated and overall it has hundred and thirty (130) colorful pictures to learn English Alphabets which are perfect for giving toddlers a head start in developing early identification of alphabets and build their Vocabulary. This book also has numbers, colors and shapes for little ones. The pictures are clear with simple text and for sure will attract kids into learning.
  • If Only You Knew

    If Only You Knew

    Living in the real world with Cerebral Palsy

    This book is about changing the society’s attitude to people with disabilities and mental health. Many look at us as weak or vulnerable, or as objects of pity, and on the other side of the fence a lot of people with disabilities are lonely, depressed and don’t know what to do. I am torn between two worlds. I live a relatively ‘normal’ life but I’m treated as ‘disabled’. When I’m out, people act as though I don’t have thinking capacity because I walk like a drunk and shake like a person who has Parkinson’s disease – but I don’t.
  • Embedded Linux with the Yocto Project

    Embedded Linux with the Yocto Project

    Join the Internet of Things and learn how to build your own connected device with Linux.

    Developers are increasingly integrating Linux into their embedded systems: It supports virtually all hardware architectures and many peripherals, scales well, offers full source code, and requires no royalties. The Yocto Project makes it much easier to customize Linux for embedded systems. If you’re a developer with working knowledge of Linux, Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project™ will help you make the most of it. An indispensable companion to the official documentation, this guide starts by offering a solid grounding in the embedded Linux landscape and the challenges of creating custom distributions for embedded systems. You’ll master the Yocto Project’s toolbox hands-on, by working through the entire development lifecycle with a variety of real-life examples that you can incorporate into your own projects.
  • Symbiosis


    A Justice Keepers Novel

    Earth isn't the only place where humans live. The galaxy is a big place, and some of those people are coming here, with all sorts of advanced technology and a desire to cause trouble.
  • Courage is Fire, and Bullying is Smoke

    Courage is Fire, and Bullying is Smoke

    Courage is Fire, and Bullying is Smoke

    Amy Sprague details the lasting emotional torment, which is often the result of bullying. It seems as time goes on that bullying in schools is becoming even worse of a problem. “Courage is Fire, and Bullying is Smoke” allows the reader to see the dangerous effects of bullying from a victims point of view. Amy offers insight and advice to anyone who may be dealing with bullying, and the risks of not speaking out.


    ALGEBRA in WORDS: A Guide of Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations

    This is the prequel to ALGEBRA in WORDS 2: MORE Hints, Strategies and Simple Explanations (2015)..