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  • Ferrying Riches

    Ferrying Riches

    Crime fiction

    Crime, smuggling, short story.
  • If...


    Spending a million

    Spending a million pounds in an altruistic way from a £7 million lottery win.
  • Blocked


    Curing writer's block.

    Curing writer's block. A short story Jasmine had a nasty case of writer’s block; this is a fictional short story of how she overcame it, eventually.
  • The Darkest Autumn

    The Darkest Autumn

    Heroes are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?

    Vetch is training to be a knight in a magical world where the Titans of pre-Olympic Greek myth still rule the cosmos. But he’s afraid of battle and reluctant to hurt others. He’s also nervous around girls. He’s kept his fears from his friends but knows at some point he’ll be revealed for the coward he is.
  • The Last Jump

    The Last Jump

    Jump into combat in World War II with the world's toughest warriors.

    Son Promises Dying Mother He’ll Unravel Family Secret in The Last Jump
  • Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Do you have any skeletons in your closet?

    Part One of the Tainted series is the story of a 16-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to get to the bottom of a skeleton in the family closet. Is her Great Aunt Evie a black widow? Does she kill virgins for their blood? Did she kill her babies?
  • Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Join Eirick, ayoung Ismarkian slave, to discover his destiny

    In the fantasy land of Ismark a child slave called Eirick has his life thrown into chaos and adventure by a blaze in his slave encampment. Thus starts the journey where we join Eirick on his life exploring new places and battling cultures. Meanwhile around him lays a more hidden world of political manipulation, greed, treachery and barbarism.
  • Didn't Get Frazzled

    Didn’t Get Frazzled

    “…the best fictional portrayal of med school since ER.” – BlueInk Review (starred review)

    A provocative and humorous novel about four years in the life of an intrepid young medical student, set in the grueling world of an elite NYC medical school.
  • Witch Spelling

    Witch Spelling

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards trying to fit in with the mundane way of life. With a touch of humour here & there.
  • An Animalish Man

    An Animalish Man

    suspense, unconventional, short story, erotic, original, fresh, contemporary

    Suspenseful and unonventional short story.
  • My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III's Lost Queen

    My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III’s Lost Queen

    Married at 12, she was queen consort of England; beautiful, but hated by the people.

    Eleanor marries King Henry as a young girl. Though eautiful and intelligent, the people hate her--she is foreign and her family grasping. She must earn the right to rule, and fight against her husband's enemies...including the powerful, unsettling Simon de Montfort.


    Richard III--not Shakespeare's Villain nor Cardboard Saint, but a Man of Flesh and Blood

    Richard is the King's younger brother, loyal, brave, a teenage father and scoliosis sufferer. Married to the heiress Anne Neville, he is virtually a King in the North. But then comes the day his brother dies, and with Buckingham whispering in his ear, he is propelled towards the throne of England...
  • Infinity Rules

    Infinity Rules

    Travel; Himalaya; India; culture; addiction; infinity

    A comedic trip into consciousness and how to free yourself from the traps of ego, culture and addiction.
  • Baghdad: The Final Gathering

    Baghdad: The Final Gathering

    A captivating tale of love and hope!

  • Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    A paranormal mystery laced with romance

    A magical pendant from the days of Blackbeard the pirate comes to haunt Holly Ferguson during her Bahama vacation.
  • Goodbye, Saturday Night

    Goodbye, Saturday Night

    Growing up gay in the 1950s was difficult; growing up gay in the Deep South in the 1950s was a horse of a different color.

    Set in 1956 in a small town in South Alabama, this is a story of love and friendship, of betrayal and redemption, and of an 11 year old misfit's search for personal understanding for the feelings he has for his best friend, a twenty-two year old drop-out from the swamps across the tracks. Growing up gay in the 1950s was very difficult; growing up gay in the Deep South in the 1950s was a horse of a different color.
  • Summertime, Book One

    Summertime, Book One

    Magical Realism and Moral Dilemma

    A successful businessman impulsively purchases an old saxohphone from a pawn broker. His life begins unraveling, both personally and professionally. The only aspect in ascendency is his unexplained mastery of the saxophone, an association with the blues band
  • Triangle of Hope

    Triangle of Hope

    If you love feel-good reads with happy endings, then TRIANGLE OF HOPE is for you. It is

    Life grinds you down, but there's always hope--and sometimes it can come in the strangest of ways...when something extraordinary happens.
  • Rose of Anzio Book 1 - Moonlight

    Rose of Anzio Book 1 – Moonlight

    A WWII Epic Love Story

    “Tessa, I don’t know how to swing dance, and I wouldn’t be very good at it if I tried. But if you care, I’d like to do a different kind of dance with you.”
  • The Keeper of Pulau Purba

    The Keeper of Pulau Purba

    Living Darkness, Dead Marines

    Alex Kee, a writer in Singapore, is called up for military duties. Hating it, he finds solace instead in his army buddies. But something is off with Pulau Purba; the soldiers there are on a thin fuse. Grotesque creatures stalk Alex in his sleep. A storm’s coming.
  • The Cedar

    The Cedar

    An epic tale of family struggle, strife, and devotion from 1690 to 1865.

    The Cedar is an enriching story of the fictional Bodes family as they persevere in the new world amidst enemies, harsh surroundings and conflict. Shadowed by both tragedy and triumph, The Cedar spans nearly two centuries of early America and introduces the reader to strong yet flawed characters.
  • If I Saw You Dancing

    If I Saw You Dancing

    Can a broken soldier get a second chance with his high school love?

    Claire and Daniel were high school sweethearts until her parents moved her across the country. He joined the military, she danced for world leaders. Sparks fly when they both find themselves back in their small hometown of Madelia. Can love find a second chance?
  • Drum Dance

    Drum Dance

    In the late 1930s, 17-year-old David Jansson agrees to spend two years at an isolated fur-trading post with his estranged father, Per, manager for the Hudson's Bay Company.

    Set in the
  • The Ghost of Calico Acres

    The Ghost of Calico Acres

    A young doctor tries to convince his crippled wife to live in a haunted Victorian house for one year.

    A psychological ghost story: Haunting memories lurk in the shadows of this mysterious walk from the past! Who or what is haunting Calico Acres?
  • Face the Winter Naked

    Face the Winter Naked

    PTSD meets the Great Depression

    Daniel Tomelin, a battle-worn veteran haunted by the carnage of the First World War, deserts his family in the Great Depression and goes on the road seeking work and relief from the nightmares of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • No Quarter: Dominium - Volume 1 - An Adventurous Historical Romance

    No Quarter: Dominium – Volume 1 – An Adventurous Historical Romance

    Welcome to the wickedest city on earth!

    Volume 1 of 6 begins in 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica with Atia Crisp and her sister Livia shipwrecked and sold into slavery. They are separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a deadly card game at the Swiftsure Tavern until she is liberated by sugar merchant Capitaine la Roche. Hunted at every turn, they take refuge at Cherry Red's Boutique (brothel) and meet up with allies including the medication loving Dr. Strangewayes.
  • Evanthia's Gift: Book One in The Gift Saga

    Evanthia’s Gift: Book One in The Gift Saga

    From Greece to New York. From the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Two generations of passionate woman overcome life’s struggles to chase their dreams.

    This Greek American family saga follows a multigenerational story of love, loyalty, and culture. An emotional novel about family bonds and the difficult pull between home and heritage. From Greece to New York. From the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Two generations of passionate woman overcome life’s struggles to chase their dreams.
  • Waiting For Aegina: Book Two In The Gift Saga

    Waiting For Aegina: Book Two In The Gift Saga

    Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime

    Through triumphs and sorrows the bond between five lifelong friends cannot be broken as they stand together to overcome life-altering obstacles.
  • From This Dream Forward

    From This Dream Forward

    What Happens When You're Not Ready for Fate?

    Josh and Emma own a beautiful house together, and they’re getting married in less than a year. Josh wonders how he ever got to be so lucky as he waits for Emma to come home – only she doesn’t. Tragedy soon tears Josh’s life apart, as he’s trapped in the stages of grief and believes he can control his dreams to reclaim a future with Emma that Fate so cruelly ripped from his grasp... that is, until he meets Natalie. Their instant friendship could be the key to his salvation—unless Josh’s guilt about his attraction to her ruins his second chance for a picture-perfect life with Emma.
  • Beloved Unmasked

    Beloved Unmasked

    The past holds both pain and love.

    Born in 1898, David comes into the world as Picayune, a name meaning “of little value” or as his mother reminds him, “nothing.” In the early 20th century New Orleans brothels and clubs, he meets his first love, Spencer Webb, but as the First World War looms, Spence is conscripted. The past holds both pain and love, and facing it head-on might destroy David or give him the freedom to live the life he has dreamed.
  • Blood Dragons

    Blood Dragons

    Escape into a supernatural world of love, revenge and redemption, where vampires are both predator and prey.

    One vampire’s dangerous love could bring about the end of the world – unless he can play the role of hero. Light is the bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world. Since Victorian times he’s hidden in the shadows with Ruby - a savage Elizabethan. But he’s keeping a secret from her, which breaks every rule. Kathy is a seductive singer. But she’s also human. When the two worlds collide, it could mean the end. For both species. Now Light’s trapped in a race against time to save them all.
  • Travesty of Justice

    Travesty of Justice

    A drama romance , that will pull at your heartstrings, and keep you turning the pages.

    Travesty of Justice By Heather Butler Synopsis Samuel, a strong black African man, and Nicole, a beautiful white Nova Scotian woman, with a rare mystical insight. They meet in the year of 1999 in the city of Halifax, a small university town in the heart of Nova Scotia. It was from the first moment that they met each other. They both began to look with different eyes at the world they lived in. They live in a society with a subtle bias towards interracial relationships, where the general population has been torn with racial tension for centuries. They struggled with discrimination, and are facing too many obstacles. Samuel now a medical doctor, is working hard to gain access to his chosen profession, he knocks on many different doors asking for just one chance, to demonstrate his capabilities as a qualified doctor, but his efforts and knocks go unanswered. When they appeal to their government for help and intervention; it is then that they face the real heart of the problem; they will discover a conspiracy, which will nearly destroy their lives. As Samuel and Nicole work hard, to overcome the injustice that is thrown at them. Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret he buried for years from Nicole, can no longer be hidden. This true-life travesty of justice, will allow you to see two people, their minds, their hearts, and hear their cries, as they fight for courage and strength, in a place that goes to extraordinary measures to deny them access. This deeply moving romance, drama, will pull at your heart strings, with the turn of every page.
  • After Oil

    After Oil

    We thought we had nothing to worry about... we were wrong.

    The residents of the small town of Whitefish are no strangers to snow. Used to being forgotten and digging their own way out, no one thought anything of it when, during one of the coldest winters on record, help just never came. But, as fuel runs out and raiders press in on all sides, Derek, Sheridan, and Garrett realize it's not just the snow they need to dig their way out of...
  • Paradise Lot

    Paradise Lot

    The gods are gone. All of them.

    Their last message to humanity was:
  • Paradise Lot

    Paradise Lot

    The gods are gone. All of them.

    The gods are gone. All of them. Their last message to humanity was:
  • Spirilet



    Lightning strikes in America’s heartland, igniting a new life. Literally. Joe, stuck in a droll job and a lackluster life, dreams of escaping ennui, finding love, and living a joyful life. Joe is so bored he buys a life-sized doll for companionship and names her Sandra. Sitting on his veranda with Sandra after work one night, storm clouds gather. The sky cracks open and a blinding light fills the night with electricity. A bolt of lightning strikes Sandra and creates a conduit for a spirit from another world to inhabit Sandra. The doll is now enlivened and she gains mobility and talks to Joe. Joe learns the spirit’s name is Spirilet. Excited about life again, Spirilet helps Joe regain self-confidence He tells his uncle and mentor, Alex, as well as a trusted coworker, Anna, about Spirilet. Joe’s jealous and embittered cousin overhears and runs excitedly to the villain, a photojournalist, who wants to publicize the phenomenon to make a fortune. The villain plans to sell proof of Spirilet’s existence to the highest bidder and scoop his journalist peers. He concocts a complicated scheme with his crew, using any means possible to prove the spirit is alive in the doll. He will go to any length to succeed, including kidnapping an innocent girl – Joe’s niece. When Joe realizes the evil nature of the crew, he must choose whether to sacrifice Spirilet or his niece. He turns to his Uncle Alex and his coworker Anna for counsel and assistance. His actions lead to a dramatic confrontation, causing a bittersweet resolution.
  • Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book 2

    Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book 2

    An FBI Agent and his psychic wife work together to catch a criminal who wants him dead.

    Chaz didn't want to leave his psychic wife to go undercover again, but he didn't have a choice. The case was supposed to be easy, but an old enemy resurfaced to complicate the investigation and threaten Chaz's life. Now Stephanie must use her abilities to see into the future to help keep her and her husband safe.
  • The Last Train

    The Last Train

    Jake, the sarcastic hero is determined to reunite with his wife. The problem? He's dead, and he's not alone!

    Tragedy has struck Mr. and Mrs. Avia while on vacation. A train crash kills Jake and puts Bernadette in the hospital. This is the starting place for Jake’s romance driven fantasy adventure. He navigates the strange and unexpected world of angels, demons, and spirit possessions. Richard Alan pokes a hole through the veil between us and an entertaining vision of the afterlife. Characters mix from both sides; some are very serious, some ordinary people, and many are just plain crazy. “The Last Train” blends horror with comedy. It has been described as, “Laugh out loud funny,” “Bloody brilliant!” and
  • STAN


    He'll go thru hell to find foregiveness

    After a failed suicide attempt is better to forget or to remember every dark detail.
  • Dino Hunt

    Dino Hunt

    In the Gulf of Mexico, physicists have found a way to travel to alternate dimensions, and they have found a new earth, preserved as it was in the time of the dinosaurs

    In the Gulf of Mexico, physicists have found a way to travel to alternate dimensions, and they have found a new earth, preserved as it was in the time of the dinosaurs. They send armies to pillage this world. Six mismatched heroes have come to stop them.
  • SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    Action packed, political, humor

    Tremendous plot line where a conservative businessman runs for governor of uber liberal California when the front runner steps down at the last minute. The threats and attacks against a strong conservative running for public office are very believable and frightening at the same time. This book could be a prediction of things to come as the
  • PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

    PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

    An Amazon exclusive - 728 pages for only $2.99 Brutally tempered during his imprisonment in Iraq, Peace (Pauley) becomes a deadly sentinel against America's enemies. 

    An entertaining book on the adventures of the SEALs, grown with imagination, yet keeps you entertained, and tied to the end.  - Robert Miller 


    The Nick McCarty Assassin Series

    An assassin is given the task of killing a woman who is under witness protection. Instead, something draws him to her emotionally, and he takes on the task of protecting her and her tween-aged daughter from a host of murderers. Who better to save someone from assassins than the coldest blooded killer of them all. This is an exciting thriller, full of brutal action, but not without a sense of humor. The assassin, Nick, is about the baddest bad ass ever.
  • HARD CASE Book I

    HARD CASE Book I

    John Harding Assassin Series

  • DEMON The Dog Book I

    DEMON The Dog Book I

    Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog Series

    A fun YA Paranormal series for people of all ages.
  • The Protectors

    The Protectors

    Vigilante Justice

    From the Author  The Protectors began on a whim when I remembered a story about an eleven year old boy escaping from his captors. He brought police back to the van, where they also found a three year old kidnapped girl. The police arrested the perpetrators of this unspeakable crime. I used a different ending to trigger what happens when partners Connor Bradwick and Ellie James find child kidnappers. Everything spiraled out from that point.
  • My Three Moms

    My Three Moms


    YA to New Adult novel.Destiny is shattered when she finds that the person she thought of as mother all her life was not her birth mother.She sets out despite great odds to find the others.
  • Nothing Is Strange

    Nothing Is Strange

    20 mind expanding short stories

    Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique... all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy: Nothing Is Strange
  • Star Crossed

    Star Crossed

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.”

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.” Mahmud, a Christian Palestinian refugee, sets out to rebuild his shattered life and escape his traumatic past in his new home, truly the blessed land he’d hoped to find, Australia. His only dream, the greatest dream Australia represents for him, is that his siblings and mother can finally find peace and security, and healing enough to make their dreams come true. Shahar – Sharni when in the West – is touring Australia as an out-andproud conservative Israeli political warrior. Dishonourably discharged from the Israeli Army under civilian bureaucratic rules designed to insulate Western pieties – or so she sees her mistreatment under civilian oversight – she sets out with a clear goal: to throw as much invective, to be as many stereotypes, to do whatever it takes to make the world understand that she’s angry with them. She only wishes she knew why – that those responsible for her discharge from the service of her beloved country could tell her why she is so angry. When Sharni meets Mahmud, love kindles – and instantly. Just as God raises the cup of happiness to two sets of willing lips, two souls yearning for the loving life they know they will share, so does the world dash it away. For as much as we all wish otherwise, the world – armed with its prejudices – forever intrudes...
  • Mindset - A Sci-Fi Novel

    Mindset – A Sci-Fi Novel

    Not all technology is for the good of mankind

    Mindset is a mind bending science fiction novel about a leading neuroscientist who invented the new Mindset BlueTooth technology that converted thoughts to text. Little did he know this idea would change his reality, forever!
  • The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

    The Old Blood (Legacy of Magic: Book One)

    Power is stirring in Tally — Can she stay alive to master it?

  • View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

    View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

    His secret could change history and their friendship.

    This is a tale of friendship, love, political intrigue, and conspiracy.
  • Brat


    Growing up and leaving military life

    Military brat Belamie's story takes her all over the world as she faces dangers in foreign and unfamiliar countries, learns to adapt wherever she lives, and experiences again and again the pain of leaving loved ones behind. At home everywhere but belonging nowhere, this is Belamie's world.
  • His to Have

    His to Have

    Ackerman Security Series - Book 3

    Has his chance at love been lost forever or will he find it once again in a sexy, Latina woman?
  • Theirs to Have

    Theirs to Have

    Ackerman Security Series - Book 2

    Can twin sisters both find their forever love while avoiding the danger that stalks them?
  • Hers to Have

    Hers to Have

    An intriguing new series. Ackerman Security Consultants - Book 1

    Wise beyond her years, Hannah had focused solely on running the multi-billion dollar corporation that she’d inherited at a young age. Then one day two of the hottest men Hannah had ever laid eyes on walked into her life and that was saying something considering she worked in a mostly male environment. Can she drop her defenses and let these two Alpha males into her guarded heart.
  • Among the Jimson Weeds

    Among the Jimson Weeds

    Coming of Age

    Conor Kelman comes of age in the 50s. Misunderstood and not learning how to deal with his issues, he searches for something to call his own: girlfriend, guitar, and a little white house in an apple orchard. Visions in his head won't stop no matter how fast or far he runs. Discover the joy growing within the pain.
  • The Fowler's Snare

    The Fowler’s Snare

    Two rival princes competing for a much lauded prize, battle it out with a chariot race.

    As if the corrupt motivations of man are not enough, the desert supplies a plethora of horrific obstacles to ensure that the eventual winner earns his reward.
  • The Reunion

    The Reunion

    It all started with an invitation to Michael’s high school reunion.

    “Reunions are fun!” Allison tells her husband, Michael, when the invitation to his thirtieth reunion arrives in the mail. “You see old friends, talk about old times…” At the reunion, Michael does see his old friends. They do talk about old times. They watch a video, “Turn Back the Clock” - high school, 1979. Michael does have a blast, and he wants to “turn back the clock,” and be exactly as he was in high school. Michael’s desire to return to his youth sets in motion events which disrupt their lives and tear the couple apart. The Reunion is a tale about how seemingly insignificant events can lead to a marriage on the brink, about the danger of staying silent when problems arise, and, above all, about the journey a couple in love takes as they attempt to obtain forgiveness and to find themselves again.
  • The Scottish Gregor Family Story Collection

    The Scottish Gregor Family Story Collection

    The indomitable Gregor family endures through three centuries!

    An eclectic collection of historical fiction that consists of three short stories and a novelette. The collection traces lines of the Gregor (MacGregor) family of Scotland from the 1700s to present.
  • The Secret of the Red Pine Box

    The Secret of the Red Pine Box

    The baseball Hall of Fame is a myth!

    A must for all baseball fans! This historical fiction novelette presents the life of a major league baseball player and his development from high school baseball to playing for the New York Yankees. It is centered around the construction of the National Baseball Museum in Cooperstown, New York and the grand opening in 1939.
  • Relics


    When the creatures of myth and magic return to Earth, they're nothing like your mother's fairy tales.

    Most of Thulu and La Fi's clients are dead. Which is perfect since their detective agency caters to the supernatural. But a simple job finding a lost locket leads to a big case tracking relics for an ancient daemon. Caught on live TV, other portals begin to open and the creatures of magic return to Earth. The people of Earth are not alone, but will soon wish they were.
  • Lori


    A family saga that takes the main character through for the sweeping societal and social changes of the last quarter of the 20th century.

    Lori is the story of a woman gaining strength she never knew she could achieve, and of victory over adversity—a story with tragedies and triumphs to which every reader will be able to relate.
  • Mysteries and Suspense Short Story Collection

    Mysteries and Suspense Short Story Collection

    mysteries, suspense, novels, supernatural, occult,ghost,

    Mysteries and suspense short story collection is a colleges of short stories in mysteries/suspense/supernatural.


    14 Amazing Authors contribute their talents for this fantastic box set!

    Collection of short stories from 14 talented Crazy Lady Authors! You will laugh, cry, get angry, and jump for joy. These stories will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. One you will not forget.
  • Bound to Survive

    Bound to Survive

    Bound to Survive is a tale of wizardly love, war and intrigue steeped in a mystical age of magic.

    Bound to Survive. Hero, Heroine, and Wizards what more could you ask for? Well may be an evil Sorceress and a tyrant Lord?
  • The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana

    The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana

    Another fast-paced read in the Ialana Series. The adventure continues!

    Caught in the midst of a life or death power struggle by competing rulers of Ialana, The Six find themselves on the run again. They must escape more dangers and help a queen in distress.
  • The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

    The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

    Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Series

    Six young adventurers set out on a quest to discover a lost crystal with healing powers. Will their journey enable them to find both the crystal and the legendary lost island where it was created, or will a friend's betrayal and dangerous enemies cost them their lives and their mission?