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  • The Whipple Girl

    The Whipple Girl

    Historical, Drama, Mystery, Love, Betrayal, Crime.

    As Toby Blake becomes more entangled by the web of lies that trail behind him; bringing only pain and hardship to the lives of everyone that he touches, he is forced to take drastic measures to become liberated from his complicated life. How far is Toby Blake willing to go? Will his step daughter, Hester, ever lead a normal life and break away from Toby’s wicked rule? And will she ever find her true love again?
  • Yours Remotely

    Yours Remotely

    Everyone loves a rock star – but can a rock star love you back?

    A gritty love story gone wrong for fans of damaged characters, dirty rock 'n' roll and sexy anti-romance.
  • Maddox - Masters & Slaves Series #1

    Maddox – Masters & Slaves Series #1

    Masters; Slaves; BDSM; M/M

    Two strong men who have to learn how to get to know and respect each other will manage to find common ground and mutual understanding...
  • I've Seen Dry

    I’ve Seen Dry

    A tale of mystery, history, redemption and small town life on the western prairie.

    99 cents, 1/25-2/1. I've Seen Dry is a historical novel with a bit of mystery. The story reaches back from 1981 small town life in eastern Montana, to an event in 1918. Something happened along the North Dakota-Montana border then, still hiding beneath the town's consciousness. Can young Pastor Wil figure it out?
  • The Wages or the Gift

    The Wages or the Gift

    Death is sin's recompense, and for Prestige Modeling Inc., payday has arrived. But who's signing the check, a revenge hungry mad man or a higher power?

    Mathan Cigainero and Jamal Asaad find out in The Wages or the Gift. Each man suffers from encounters with a high-society rave organization called Phase 126. Prestige Modeling Inc. is a lucrative front for the biannual party. When supermodel Ebony Reynold, a born-again believer, stumbles upon evidence that could threaten the entire operation, she and her friends find themselves on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth and shine the light on two desperate souls.
  • The House of Crow

    The House of Crow

    This historical fiction saga follows the life of the Crow family, from their beginnings in 1816 to the American Civil War and the times of the U.S. Marshals, and finally to the story of Charles Crow - the last son of The House of Crow.
  • Slader Falls: Female Shifters, Human Mates

    Slader Falls: Female Shifters, Human Mates

    A suspenseful paranormal read with a twist.

    Not your average shifter story. Beautiful, dominant female shifters are the focus. Hot firefighters are their equal. Sizzling romance scenes are inevitable. War with an ancient organization that loathes shifters with extraordinary powers is on the horizon.


    a dark but sometimes funny story of a husband who experiences domestic violence from his wife and the consequences of this abuse

    A BROKEN SHELL OF A MAN is a dark but often funny book about Gregg who suffers from domestic violence from his wife, Peggy. It is often dark and brutal, but very real to life. It is set in Scotland in the early '80s.
  • Sold Out

    Sold Out

    Alien, space ships, attack

    When massive disappearance began, the world started to panic. The worlds governments acted slightly on the behave of it's people. As Carl the reporter starts to investigate these mysterious occurrences, he get the scoop of a life-time.
  • Heart of Stone

    Heart of Stone

    Married to an Earl. Loved by his Brother.

    HEART OF STONE is a haunting tale of power, greed, and love set in Ireland in the early 18th Century. A tale of love, jealousy, power, greed prison, passion and death!
  • Undone By Deceit

    Undone By Deceit

    BWWM Emotionally-grabbing Pageturner No-cliffhangers

    There's a cold bastard that lives inside Chance Middleton. Better to not break his trust or his heart if you're the woman he loves ...but no one warned Mahogany Jefferson of this before she did both by having his child behind his back.
  • Stoneheart


    Stoneheart is a feel-good story about a 57-year old Gunnery Sergeant coming home to be a civilian. He has no family, and
  • The Carbynarah Chronicles

    The Carbynarah Chronicles

    Amazon - 5 Star ..... Goodreads - 5 star ..... KoBo - 5 Star - Fantasy Fiction -

  • Life in Chapel Springs

    Life in Chapel Springs

    Life in Chapel Springs has turned upside down and inside out.

    Is it a midlife pregnancy or … cancer? Claire will keep her secret until she’s sure—but it isn’t easy. Between gold fever hitting Chapel Springs, a nationwide art tour and her health, Claire’s life is upside down. Shy Lacey Dawson was happily writing murder mysteries for the community theater, but a freak accident results in traumatic injuries. When the bandages come off, Lacey’s world is tuned inside out.
  • ZERO: The Wichita Falls Mystery

    ZERO: The Wichita Falls Mystery

    Death is a trade, not a business.

    Under no circumstance do I proclaim to know any one thing, but these three things I know, for sure. Firstly, a thunderclap will never fail to strike fear in my gut and a cold sweat up my spine, for as long as I live. Secondly, 1976 was the year the infamous Asher, leader of the Dallas Firebrand Gang, a cutthroat mob mothers and fathers guarded their children's vulnerable minds against, breathed his last. And, finally, history has a heinous way of repeating itself.
  • That ONE at Work & Another Short Story

    That ONE at Work & Another Short Story

    Short Fiction Stories. Get Your Laugh On.

    Short fiction stories. One story is mainly about business employees at a company. The other one is about a family.
  • Grave Misconception

    Grave Misconception

    A Yorkshire Murder Mystery: The McBride Murder Mysteries (Book 1)

    A time slip murder mystery set in modern day Whitby and taking you back to the brink of the First World War.
  • Days Until Home

    Days Until Home

    Someone doesn't want the crew of the Kenwood to return home at all.

    A routine mining mission in the asteroid belt. Catastrophic failure on the return journey. The crew must work together to survive. Do they have what it takes to make their way home? Or does someone not want them to return home at all?
  • The Adventures of Nihu

    The Adventures of Nihu

    folklore, nihu, adventure, action,

    The Adventures of Nihu will not only allow an audience of all ages to escape their own realities, but draw them into a world of high hopes, powers, and unimaginable desires.
  • A wife Scorned

    A wife Scorned

    What happens to a cheating husband? This wife's moves are unpredictable.

    A husband plays the game of chance with a dangerous female friend of his wife. A wife forced at revenge will have her cake, and eat it.
  • The Cherry Pickers

    The Cherry Pickers

    A Family is Forever Changed in the Summer of 1956

    A tale of secrets in northern Michigan during that hot and stormy summer of 1956. With constant fear of nuclear war, an exploding Middle East, and memories of World War II still fresh on soldier’s graves, a fourteen-year-old boy realizes that he is growing up. In Howie Smith’s world of primeval forests, orderly orchards, and Lake Michigan, he learns about life and begins to understand death. While dealing with a crazy aunt, a dying uncle he learns to cherish, and the unyielding pressure to bring in the demanding crop of cherries, Howie is forced to quickly learn that there is much more to life than baseball.
  • May of Ashley Green

    May of Ashley Green

    Historical Drama Adventure Romance Suspense

    May Huntley's life is about to change forever. Everything about her ancestry has been a lie and after losing her mother in tragic circumstances, seventeen year old May is about to embark on a dangerous adventure, and to discover the truth about her family.
  • Stella


    Historical Romance/Saga set in Victorian Oxford. Suspense/Mystery

    When Stella marries wealthy James Headly, she is not prepared for what lies ahead; a house keeper, who is determined to make her life long ambition come true at any cost, is determined to take Stella's place. A gripping story set in Victorian Oxford.
  • Loreticus - The Lost Emperor Trilogy - Book 1

    Loreticus – The Lost Emperor Trilogy – Book 1

    One man's secret is another man's weapon

    One man’s secret is another man’s weapon; and Loreticus, spymaster to an emperor, considers himself well armed. Secrets are Loreticus’ business; spies and sources his colleagues. But when the new emperor goes missing, he suddenly finds himself isolated and uncertain who to trust. His search for the young emperor reveals an underworld of coups, assassinations, ambition and infidelity that make him doubt how much he ever really knew about the power behind the throne. As he struggles to deliver the young emperor safely and reunite the country, he finds himself torn between his old-fashioned principles and a new political reality. In Loreticus, J.B. Lucas has created a remarkable historical world that has parallels in both ancient Rome and modern diplomacy. A compelling political thriller for fans of Robert Harris.
  • Heaven Re-Scent (Book 2 - Heaven Scent series)

    Heaven Re-Scent (Book 2 – Heaven Scent series)

    Serendipity has more tricks up her sleeve as Ben turns twenty-one in the second book of the series. Will love be waiting just around the corner, over the hill?

    Book Two finds Ben following in his father's footsteps when his aunt Charlotte gives him the arrowhead on his twenty-first birthday. Meeting Jeannie that night changes his life forever as the lovers fight to find their little piece of heaven, which waits just around the corner, over the hill...
  • Heaven Scent

    Heaven Scent

    Will fate conspire against them as they rush headlong towards their destiny, which waits just around the corner, over the hill…

    Encompassing strong family bonds within a powerful, yet, light hearted, steamy, romantic saga, from the first lost note and missed telephone call, Evan and Ginny fight against the odds to find their own little piece of heaven. However, fate conspires against them as they rush headlong towards their destiny, which waits just around the corner, over the hill…
  • A Tear For

    A Tear For

    It is a six year, online affair, will it be exquisite passion or agonising sorrow that fuels the tears for eternity?

    A timeless energy encircles the world, drawing humanity into its grasp, eternally swirling, pulling souls together, tearing them apart in the eternal struggle of love, life and loss and amidst this cacophony there are thousands, who every day opt to open their computers hoping and believing that there is someone out there for them.
  • Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

    Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun

    An Alaskan Adventure of Discovery, Love and Hope.

    An Adventure of Discovery, Love and Hope set in the early 1900's. Follow Sonny on his journey through war, incarceration and survival as he strives to overcome the world outside Alaska.
  • Escort


    Anthony can be anything a woman desires. What is your desire?

    Read how Anthony deals with dozens of women who come into his life, and how the two women from Miranda left the deepest marks.
  • Serenity


    Giving up everything to follow a dream

    Follow Serenity as she puts aside music school to follow her dream of becoming a roll-n-roll star.
  • Miranda: The beginning

    Miranda: The beginning

    For every legend... there is a beginning.

    Follow the life a Miles Olsen as he goes from rock-n-roll pioneer to owner of one of the worlds largest record labels.
  • Over The Line

    Over The Line

    Everyone needs a second chance

    In this sizzling and sweet romance, S. D. Michaels weaves a powerful tale of redemption, second chances, and new beginnings.
  • Devils: A Collection of Devilish Short Fiction

    Devils: A Collection of Devilish Short Fiction

    #1 Bestselling Horror Anthology - Kindle Books

    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that there was only one devil. Best-selling horror author Erik Henry Vick plunges you face first into the deep end of evil. Each story paints a chilling portrait of a different face of evil and the mortals who must face them. Also includes a four-chapter preview of Errant Gods, Vick's next novel.Read at your own risk, but if you do, keep the lights on.
  • Duty Demands

    Duty Demands

    A Pride and Prejudice Variation

    When Elizabeth's father dies unexpectedly, she is surprised to find that the proud, arrogant Mr. Darcy wants to marry her- and even more surprised when her uncle tells her why. But after they are married she begins to see a different side of her husband. Darcy thinks that Elizabeth has married him for love, but slowly begins to realize that all is not as it appears in their marriage. Will he still love her when the truth is revealed?
  • New Wings (The Anahira Chronicles Book 1)

    New Wings (The Anahira Chronicles Book 1)

    Navigating the world of the supernatural is hard. It's even harder when you're a newb.

    Mix together equal parts of an ever-present snarky voice in your head, a supernatural dating app addiction (Thanks, Tonder ...), a penchant for drinking a little too often, and co-workers and friends who constantly underestimate you, and you'll find yourself in Ana's less-than-impressive shoes. But when a bunch of mauled bodies start piling up in Calypso City, Minnesota, Ana must pull on her big-girl pants and help her crew hunt down the rogue werewolf responsible. The case isn't as cut and dried as it seems, and Ana is left with more questions than answers when her mysterious heritage is thrown into the mix.
  • Frostbite


    Getting hired to be a personal wizard for a billionaire may just become a death sentence.

    Colin Fisher is a young man with a lot of problems on his plate: a dying father, a dead car doubling as a home, and a mysteriously disappeared fiancée. His bad luck appears to be on the way out when the CEO of a multinational corporation offers him a job. It’s a sweet gig as a personal wizard with a fat paycheck. The catch? The paranoid CEO isn’t a mere hypochondriac, he’s been hexed with an authentic ancient curse.
  • Two Wizard Roulette

    Two Wizard Roulette

    While working as a personal wizard for a billionaire, the stakes have never been higher.

    Being a personal wizard to a multinational CEO isn't all fun and games. If the billionaire boss was bad, the relationship between Colin and his demon-blooded girlfriend Veruca has been downright turbulent since last winter's freak blizzard. But when a dangerous gambler with magical powers of his own, and his demoness consort, start fleecing Vegas casinos for millions, Colin finds himself trapped in a high stakes game of two wizard roulette.
  • Ferrying Riches

    Ferrying Riches

    Crime fiction

    Crime, smuggling, short story.
  • If...


    Spending a million

    Spending a million pounds in an altruistic way from a £7 million lottery win.
  • Blocked


    Curing writer's block.

    Curing writer's block. A short story Jasmine had a nasty case of writer’s block; this is a fictional short story of how she overcame it, eventually.
  • The Darkest Autumn

    The Darkest Autumn

    Heroes are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?

    Vetch is training to be a knight in a magical world where the Titans of pre-Olympic Greek myth still rule the cosmos. But he’s afraid of battle and reluctant to hurt others. He’s also nervous around girls. He’s kept his fears from his friends but knows at some point he’ll be revealed for the coward he is.
  • The Last Jump

    The Last Jump

    Jump into combat in World War II with the world's toughest warriors.

    Son Promises Dying Mother He’ll Unravel Family Secret in The Last Jump
  • Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Tainted – Part One: Evie

    Do you have any skeletons in your closet?

    Part One of the Tainted series is the story of a 16-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to get to the bottom of a skeleton in the family closet. Is her Great Aunt Evie a black widow? Does she kill virgins for their blood? Did she kill her babies?
  • Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Ismark: The Marked Boy

    Join Eirick, ayoung Ismarkian slave, to discover his destiny

    In the fantasy land of Ismark a child slave called Eirick has his life thrown into chaos and adventure by a blaze in his slave encampment. Thus starts the journey where we join Eirick on his life exploring new places and battling cultures. Meanwhile around him lays a more hidden world of political manipulation, greed, treachery and barbarism.
  • Didn't Get Frazzled

    Didn’t Get Frazzled

    “…the best fictional portrayal of med school since ER.” – BlueInk Review (starred review)

    A provocative and humorous novel about four years in the life of an intrepid young medical student, set in the grueling world of an elite NYC medical school.
  • Witch Spelling

    Witch Spelling

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards

    A fictional tale of witches, warlocks and wizards trying to fit in with the mundane way of life. With a touch of humour here & there.
  • An Animalish Man

    An Animalish Man

    suspense, unconventional, short story, erotic, original, fresh, contemporary

    Suspenseful and unonventional short story.
  • My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III's Lost Queen

    My Fair Lady: Eleanor of Provence, Henry III’s Lost Queen

    Married at 12, she was queen consort of England; beautiful, but hated by the people.

    Eleanor marries King Henry as a young girl. Though eautiful and intelligent, the people hate her--she is foreign and her family grasping. She must earn the right to rule, and fight against her husband's enemies...including the powerful, unsettling Simon de Montfort.


    Richard III--not Shakespeare's Villain nor Cardboard Saint, but a Man of Flesh and Blood

    Richard is the King's younger brother, loyal, brave, a teenage father and scoliosis sufferer. Married to the heiress Anne Neville, he is virtually a King in the North. But then comes the day his brother dies, and with Buckingham whispering in his ear, he is propelled towards the throne of England...
  • Infinity Rules

    Infinity Rules

    Travel; Himalaya; India; culture; addiction; infinity

    A comedic trip into consciousness and how to free yourself from the traps of ego, culture and addiction.