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  • Pop Life

    Pop Life

    Essays, Memoirs & Rants on Pop Culture & the Arts: Movies, Music, Games, Politics & Life

    Author and critic Daniel Thomas MacInnes brings you on a journey across America in the Age of Pop, featuring essays, memoirs and rants on film & television, music & hi-fi audio, classic & modern video games, politics & life. Each chapter is filled with biting wit, humor and keen insight, bringing readers on an exciting journey through the cultural landscape.
  • Potion Voyages Book 1: Castle & Conceit

    Potion Voyages Book 1: Castle & Conceit

    Oceans hold every magic. Hearts hold every evil.

    In a world where the 12 magic oceans give every power, a scheming political advisor deceives and manipulates those who drink the enchanted waters. Using knowledge from beyond, he builds grand castles to conquer distant lands and grow his own wealth.
  • The Makeup Artist Handbook

    The Makeup Artist Handbook

    The Makeup Artist Handbook: Techniques for Film, Television, Photography, and Theatre

    Get professional techniques usually known only by Hollywood makeup artists in this full-color, comprehensive book from accomplished makeup pros Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall. The two come to you with impressive backgrounds in film and television industries--their projects have included Pearl Harbor, Rent, Stuart Little, and The Nanny Diaries, and Mindy Hall is fresh off her Academy Award win for her work on 2009's Star Trek.