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Mystery & Crime

  • The Poe Consequence

    The Poe Consequence

    Supernatural Thriller, Vengeance, Racism, Edgar Allan Poe, Mystery, Crime, Horror

    After the death of an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting, the two gangs responsible for the killing face an Edgar Allan Poe inspired vow of revenge from beyond the grave.
  • Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn of Terror

    Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn of Terror

    Would Sherlock Holmes be able to catch Jack the Ripper? The case has been solved!

    Everyone knows the name of Sherlock Holmes -- the fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle with his superhuman powers of observation and unbeatable methodology for solving crimes. But could his 1800’s philosophy really work in the modern world to solve genuine crimes?
  • Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

    Loreticus and The Convenient Murder

    Your favourite spy finds himself as chief suspect in a classic murder-mystery

    Loreticus, the young imperial spymaster, is hounded out of the capital. He takes refuge in his childhood home, only to find that the enemy has moved in next door. A day later, and the enemy has been assassinated, and Loreticus is going to lose his head unless he finds the true murderer before the week is out.
  • Dinner and a Murder

    Dinner and a Murder

    Is Mansford Mansion really haunted? A whodunit in a house that's haunted-or is it?

    Every 50 years, a catastrophe befalls a 150-year-old mansion where a murder was committed. This is the third 50-year anniversary of the mansion which has been turned into a mystery dinner theater. But when the lights go up, one of the guests is dead. And it happened right under the nose of a St. Louis City Homicide Detective who never saw a thing.
  • Unharmonious


    A shy, socially awkward symphony cellist mourns the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash.

    A shy, socially awkward symphony cellist mourns the death of her husband in a fiery plane crash. After taking a long leave of absence, she returns to rehearsal, and is followed on her way home. She loses her pursuer, but then gets threatening phone calls. A man claiming to be a detective shows up at her door asking questions about her husband, his business and his plane crash. Unnerved and upset,she embarks on her own journey to learn the truth, and the more she learns, the deeper she ventures into danger.
  • Year of the Brute

    Year of the Brute

    What happens when violence solves everything?

    The first book in the unfolding BRUTE series, Year of the Brute pits a disillusioned office worker against forces he never could've imagined. Cheated by his boss and persecuted by his flatmates, life takes an unexpected turn when a savage act of violence conspires to solve all his problems. But as he plunges deeper into the nightmare, he'll learn that happiness has come at an impossible price.
  • The Girl in the Window

    The Girl in the Window

    Would you kill for the life you want?

    Five days a week, Amber watches from her window as her handsome neighbor Caleb leaves for work. In the midst of a bitter divorce, Amber longs for the seemingly perfect life Caleb and his wife Erin have. “I’d kill for that kind of life,” Amber says. But would she?
  • Murderously Sweet

    Murderously Sweet

    Murder and sweets go hand in hand in Halloween-themed Pumpkin Hollow.

    Someone is trying to sabotage the town of Pumpkin Hollow and when the mayor turns up dead, Mia Jordan is on the case to save the town and catch a killer. Halloween is celebrated year-round in Pumpkin Hollow, but when rumors of a curse spread through the town, Mia must head them off before they destroy the town's reputation.
  • The New Jersey Stalkers: Serpents of Nightmares Book Series

    The New Jersey Stalkers: Serpents of Nightmares Book Series

    Crime and Mystery Book Series

    The New Jersey Stalkers is a three-part book series of crime and mystery. Serial killers and stalkers go on a killing spree in the cities of New Jersey claiming the blood of innocent victims.The police departments of New Jersey have their hands full solving murders of serial manics!
  • Action Men and the Great Zarelda

    Action Men and the Great Zarelda

    An Unusual Crime, a Beautiful Lady, Two Goofy Guys with Gadgets.

    Andy Westin, marketing manager for Out of the Box Toys, is impressed with the beautiful, exotic lady who sits beside him on the plane, so impressed that he finds himself agreeing to act as her magician's assistant in an upcoming magic show. Jack Donegal, Andy's boss, buddy, toy inventor and sometimes sleuth, is convinced by a single clue that the Great Zarelda is involved in some criminal side activities. He agrees that Andy should act as her magician's assistant while taking on an amateur undercover investigation. Wacky and sometimes dangerous adventures ensue.
  • Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest

    Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest

    If you were going to die, who would you kill?

    If you were going to die, who would you kill? An ex-cop/former Marine teams up with an ex-con to take justice into their own hands. Both have stage-4 cancer and little time left to attempt to redeem themselves for their past misdeeds. They set their sights on a priest who has been accused of molesting children.
  • Vigilante Angels Book II: The Cop

    Vigilante Angels Book II: The Cop

    If you were going to die, who would you kill?

    If you were going to die, who would you kill? A cancer patient has a lot of regret and little time left. He finds himself fending off an investigation led by a corrupt cop, and gains an unlikely partner in a martial-arts instructor—a fellow cancer patient with his own demons. As his disease progresses, the cop zeros in on him and the son he loves.
  • Ice Cold

    Ice Cold

    The Iceman is back, and this time it's personal.

    My noir crime novels explore complex social and ethical issues from multiple perspectives. Ice Cold explores Bangkok from the perspective of a Western expat who has lived there for seven years in a novel about official corruption and sex tourism.
  • False Witness

    False Witness

    A hardboiled mystery set in the Twin Cities

    A series of photographs mailed anonymously to a TV reporter hint to a web of corruption.
  • Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

    Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

    Suspense, Mystery, Murder,

    Waitress Lizzie Headrick thought she had finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant Chatsworth. She was young and in love, and their quick courtship ended with the four-karat diamond engagement ring of her dreams. Now residing in one of Buckhead’s finest estates, Lizzie soon learns all that glitters is not gold.
  • Murder Among The Tombstones (A Clara & Iris Mystery)

    Murder Among The Tombstones (A Clara & Iris Mystery)

    Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Bodies, Cemetery,

    When Atlanta homicide detectives are called in to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old girl found dumped in historic Oakland Cemetery, they immediately begin working the case. But with no leads to follow, and their case log growing larger by the day, the murder quickly grows cold...
  • Scraps of Paper

    Scraps of Paper

    30 years ago: did the two children and their mother leave town for a new life or were they murdered?

    A widow starts a new life in a small quaint town full of quirky characters and in renovating her new home finds “scraps of paper”that make her suspect two children and a woman went missing from the house 30 years ago.Were they murdered?Can she solve the mystery&live?321 Reviews 4.4 star Ave
  • The Workhouse Mysteries, The Tale of the Depressed Man

    The Workhouse Mysteries, The Tale of the Depressed Man

    I’d like to tell you of a way to get good food, great service and most of all a good mystery. Please allow me to welcome you to The Workhouse Mysteries and the Tale of the Depressed Man.

    Join Holly Ward as she works as head waitress in the Workhouse Restaurant while becoming embroiled in a bungled bank robbery!
  • Grave Misconception

    Grave Misconception

    A Yorkshire Murder Mystery:The McBride Murder Mysteries

    'Grave Misconception' is a thrilling suspense occult/paranormal book.
  • The Lawyer

    The Lawyer

    Book ONE of the FIVE part Michael Gresham Legal Thriller Series

    A legal financial thriller that introduces the first in a five-book series about Michael Gresham, the Chicago lawyer who defends hopeless cases every day. Watch from your front row seat as Michael walks into this courtroom drama a huge underdog. Cheer him on as he uses all his wit and cunning to defend the indefensible.
  • The Convenient Cadaver

    The Convenient Cadaver

    Could this crazy dog lady be a threat to a cold-blooded killer?

    Grandma Bertha is an old lady who loves beer, horror movies and her three dogs. After a dead body appears near her home, Grandma Bertha decides to find out who the killer is before he can hurt anyone else.
  • Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

    A paranormal mystery laced with romance

    A magical pendant from the days of Blackbeard the pirate comes to haunt Holly Ferguson during her Bahama vacation.
  • Murder by Charlotte Russe

    Murder by Charlotte Russe

    Dessert equals death in more ways than one!

    Death of a fictional character results in the death of a real person through the power of the Evil Eye of Belarus.
  • Closer Than You Think

    Closer Than You Think

    How well do you really know your friends?

    One year ago, Georgina Brynn survived a suspicious car accident that killed her best friend Kimba.Georgina realises that Kimba's life was far from what it seemed to be. Tracing her friend's travels to Prague, Georgina finds herself in a world of trouble. Her investigation into her friend's death is stepping on toes, with unthinkable consequences. Could the perpetrator be closer than she thinks?
  • Devil in the Countryside

    Devil in the Countryside

    Sometimes it takes a monster to hunt a monster.

    Devil in the Countryside is a story about the most famous werewolf investigation and trial in history. It's based on true events.
  • I Really, Really Want It

    I Really, Really Want It

    Celebrity. It's a killer.

    Celebrities have secrets. Meet the man who knows them all and will do anything to keep them quiet. Even murder.
  • Wake Me Up

    Wake Me Up


    A small college town's populace is tied, with complicity, to the brutal, bullying, attack of a teenage boy by four of his classmates. Soon, heated rumors of a possible hate crime surface. While Chris Bullet remains unresponsive in a coma, his skull shattered, he floats above dire circumstance. In this phantom state, compelled to witness his past once more, the family's darkest secrets, hidden over generations, will be aired.
  • Big Flies

    Big Flies

    Four real-life, unsolved robberies; one thief? Big Flies says yes!

    Steeped in conspiracies, the robbery cases surrounding D. B. Cooper, the Tucker Cross, the Chicago First National Bank, and Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology went cold decades ago. They seem unsolvable. Leland David never gave them much thought until his father’s tragic death revealed a secret life hidden among the possessions in his estate. Throughout Leland’s childhood, his father was never home. He was supposed to be touring the world and writing about his travels. The clues that Leland finds suggest otherwise. Perhaps the answers from the purposefully placed puzzle pieces and his father’s best friend will close the world-famous cold cases and shed light on the David family’s past
  • The Spark

    The Spark

    Searching for the truth is the most dangerous thing firefighter Donny Robertson will ever do.

    Everyone believes that the blaze which killed Donny’s Captain was just a terrible accident. His search for the truth will cost him his home, his relationship and his job. Plunged into a world of murder and intrigue, he becomes the target of a skilled and merciless killer. Donny’s only chance to save himself is to confront the person pulling the strings. It’s a desperate plan and it will cost him everything he has left.
  • Riddle


    The riddle of Riddle will be solved, but how many bodies will it take to find the answers?

    People are dying in Riddle. Are they accidents or murders? Kort Eriksen and Grace Donahue are caught in a web. Who can they trust? Kort's old friend Norma? Grace's new friend Tony? Maybe they can't trust anyone.
  • Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book 2

    Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book 2

    An FBI Agent and his psychic wife work together to catch a criminal who wants him dead.

    Chaz didn't want to leave his psychic wife to go undercover again, but he didn't have a choice. The case was supposed to be easy, but an old enemy resurfaced to complicate the investigation and threaten Chaz's life. Now Stephanie must use her abilities to see into the future to help keep her and her husband safe.
  • The Gangster's Son

    The Gangster’s Son

    WIll a cop's desperate secret keep a killer from justice?

    Tokyo, 1991. Japan has a new emperor for a new age. Tokyo Police Inspector Shig Sato investigates the murder of a beautiful young jazz club waitress. Her boyfriend, an American Marine, is missing. The club owner is nowhere to be found. A prominent yakuza boss, Ses Fujimori, is involved. But Shig Sato is in debt to Fujimori for help in solving a case many years before. Sato faces the the biggest crisis of his career - will maintaining his family honor keep him from bringing a killer to justice? And on top of it all his beloved wife is dying.
  • SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    Action packed, political, humor

    Tremendous plot line where a conservative businessman runs for governor of uber liberal California when the front runner steps down at the last minute. The threats and attacks against a strong conservative running for public office are very believable and frightening at the same time. This book could be a prediction of things to come as the
  • PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

    PEACE A Navy Seal Novel

    An Amazon exclusive - 728 pages for only $2.99 Brutally tempered during his imprisonment in Iraq, Peace (Pauley) becomes a deadly sentinel against America's enemies. 

    An entertaining book on the adventures of the SEALs, grown with imagination, yet keeps you entertained, and tied to the end.  - Robert Miller 


    The Nick McCarty Assassin Series

    An assassin is given the task of killing a woman who is under witness protection. Instead, something draws him to her emotionally, and he takes on the task of protecting her and her tween-aged daughter from a host of murderers. Who better to save someone from assassins than the coldest blooded killer of them all. This is an exciting thriller, full of brutal action, but not without a sense of humor. The assassin, Nick, is about the baddest bad ass ever.
  • HARD CASE Book I

    HARD CASE Book I

    John Harding Assassin Series

  • The Protectors

    The Protectors

    Vigilante Justice

    From the Author  The Protectors began on a whim when I remembered a story about an eleven year old boy escaping from his captors. He brought police back to the van, where they also found a three year old kidnapped girl. The police arrested the perpetrators of this unspeakable crime. I used a different ending to trigger what happens when partners Connor Bradwick and Ellie James find child kidnappers. Everything spiraled out from that point.
  • Cold Mountain : CIA Assassin

    Cold Mountain : CIA Assassin

    Action with a dab of humor

    They needed a monster to get a little girl back. They imprisoned him for the way he did it. Now they need the monster again to do what he does best.
  • Writing Your First Mystery

    Writing Your First Mystery

    You've got a burning hot idea? Make it happen.

    An introduction to the elements of a whodunit or thriller This short guide introduces topics that will arise as you tackle your first mystery. Some will be familiar; others will have you scratching your head and doing some real thinking. There is an insatiable appetite for crime fiction. You and your life experience make your mystery unique.
  • Case Closed

    Case Closed

    A furiously paced fiction

    This book is a suspense murder mystery. A TV news anchor is murdered in the glamour capital of India, Mumbai. Police swiftly swings into action and arrests the killer. Justice delivered, or is it? It is furiously paced fiction and the novel breezes by rapidly. You won't be able to put this down till you've read the last page!
  • The Premise

    The Premise

    A Novel To Save The World

    The Premise is a thought-provoking look at the very near future, and how a single scientific discovery could dramatically change our lives for the better. This novel is a quick-paced story of intrigue and suspense that examines the world of political corruption, greed, and influence peddling, that culminates in a surprising solution that will engage you from start to finish.
  • Dressed for Murder

    Dressed for Murder

    Is she a damsel in distress or is she a murderer?

    Detective Vladimir is a handsomely man and a marvelous detective. As a detective, Vladimir knows some of the most bizarre things have been known to occur and some of the most bizarre people are met. When a sexy damsel in distress is there, Detective Vladimir comes to the rescue in more ways than one.
  • Murder Across the Ocean

    Murder Across the Ocean

    American widow Lori Brill was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower--until she saw Josh's bloody corpse lying in the bed.

    Lori Brill’s trip to London to visit her granddaughter started out even better than she could have imagined when she ran into Josh, her old high-school boyfriend, in line for the same flight at the airport—resulting in an unexpected night of passion in a London hotel room. Lori was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower the next morning, ready to slip back into Josh’s arms—until she saw his bloody corpse lying in the bed where they had made love only a few short hours before. So who killed Josh?
  • The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery

    The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery

    MURDER AT BOUNDERDALES! Which rich, decadent guest is guilty?

    MURDER AT BOUNDERDALES! 2 sexy blondes already dead! Can Inspector Cullot face down his demons from the past and nail The Blonde Bimbo Killer in time?


    There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin

    Confronted by a ghost from her past, Tori Farrell runs in an attempt to protect her new friends. Her plan hols a flaw - a man she can't shake...


    Raised by bikers and held by the FBI, Tori Farrell has literally walked over dead men to get to where she is today

    Living in a halfway house under orders of the FBI, Tori Farrell is working to move forward and to face her addictions. A mysterious man walks into Tori's life, someone she believes she can trust. But sometimes danger doesn't hide cloaked in darkness...
  • Tropical Nightmares

    Tropical Nightmares

    Exciting Romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    Surviving numerous attempts on their lives including the explosion that rocked Tropical Dreams, David Murphy and Tiana Alexander started to rebuild their lives. Living on the beautiful and tranquil island of St. Lucia, they tried not to let the ugliness of Robert Dubose invade every aspect of their lives. They knew he was coming and wouldn't stop until someone was dead.
  • Tropical Dreams

    Tropical Dreams

    Suspense, Romance, Drama, Action and Adventure all in one book! What more can you want?

    Tropical Dreams is a a tale of love, murder and conspiracy. Can Tiana Alexander overcome her past to learn to love again? Can David Murphy let go of the demons who haunt him. Can they face the future together or will life finally take its toll and their lives?


    When seduction and danger are all you've ever known can you ever truly leave it behind?

    Faced with her true identity, and the danger of having friends and family destroyed by the past she left behind, Tori once again becomes lost in adark world filled with sex, drugs, and murder...


    When past and present collide, how do you escape your fate?

    Tori is finally on the path that leads to a bright future. The FBI has taken to the shadows, waiting for the other shoe to drop...