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Politics & Current Affairs

  • People Over Profits  A Boomer View Of Universal Healthcare For USA !!!

    People Over Profits A Boomer View Of Universal Healthcare For USA !!!

    healthcare, universal healthcare, Medicare for All, single payer healthcare

    This short read book is setting the tone for continued talking points to upgrade the healthcare system or initiate change to what we currently have. Why do other global nations have universal care? Single payer systems? Why can't the USA public demand the right to care for all? Is it People Over Profits?
  • Sibelsnaat by Dan Dial

    Sibelsnaat by Dan Dial

    27,000 words that could have changed the world... and still might.

    Dan Dial, whoever he is, or was, has a point. And it's sharp as a scalpel. Sibelsnaat is a 125-page alarm call that cannot be turned off.
  • SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    SOTELLO: Private Detective (Ex FBI, Secret Service)

    Action packed, political, humor

    Tremendous plot line where a conservative businessman runs for governor of uber liberal California when the front runner steps down at the last minute. The threats and attacks against a strong conservative running for public office are very believable and frightening at the same time. This book could be a prediction of things to come as the
  • Star Crossed

    Star Crossed

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.”

    “Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.” Mahmud, a Christian Palestinian refugee, sets out to rebuild his shattered life and escape his traumatic past in his new home, truly the blessed land he’d hoped to find, Australia. His only dream, the greatest dream Australia represents for him, is that his siblings and mother can finally find peace and security, and healing enough to make their dreams come true. Shahar – Sharni when in the West – is touring Australia as an out-andproud conservative Israeli political warrior. Dishonourably discharged from the Israeli Army under civilian bureaucratic rules designed to insulate Western pieties – or so she sees her mistreatment under civilian oversight – she sets out with a clear goal: to throw as much invective, to be as many stereotypes, to do whatever it takes to make the world understand that she’s angry with them. She only wishes she knew why – that those responsible for her discharge from the service of her beloved country could tell her why she is so angry. When Sharni meets Mahmud, love kindles – and instantly. Just as God raises the cup of happiness to two sets of willing lips, two souls yearning for the loving life they know they will share, so does the world dash it away. For as much as we all wish otherwise, the world – armed with its prejudices – forever intrudes...
  • The Premise

    The Premise

    A Novel To Save The World

    The Premise is a thought-provoking look at the very near future, and how a single scientific discovery could dramatically change our lives for the better. This novel is a quick-paced story of intrigue and suspense that examines the world of political corruption, greed, and influence peddling, that culminates in a surprising solution that will engage you from start to finish.
  • Dirty Politics

    Dirty Politics

    Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand's political environment

    Early in 2014 Nicky Hager was leaked a large number of email and online conversations from Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil blog. Many of these were between Slater and his personal allies on the hard right, revealing an ugly and destructive style of politics. But there were also many communications with the prime minister’s office and other Cabinet ministers in the National Government. They show us a side of Prime Minister John Key and his government of which most New Zealanders are completely unaware.