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Certain Darkening

Why does the family keep kidnapping people? And for how long?

Certain Darkening

Full Description

There is a family that is kidnapping people in Louisiana. Some of the missing people don’t show back up, but the ones that do cannot tell what happened, as they are dead. The family has been working for many years with no plans of stopping. One person they kidnap was someone that they needed but didn’t want to take.
Joseph Harper is a brilliant military man. He decides he doesn’t want to be used by the family and tries an escape attempt with the few people that were left alive by the family. It’s not the easiest thing he has ever done due to one person, but he can manage.
There is one problem for both the family and Joe. The creatures living in the land are out for blood. They know how to get it, and they won’t stop until they do. The family has tried to deal with the creatures for as long as anyone can remember, but Joe is not part of the family.

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