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Chasing Disaster

....& love always finds a way to prevail.

Chasing Disaster

Full Description

After surviving a violent childhood that resulted in her mother’s death, Trisha Whitfield has surpassed everyone’s expectations. She’s beautiful, driven, and the successful owner of one of Atlanta’s leading real estate agencies. Outsiders think she has the perfect life, unaware of the dark turmoil she struggles with daily. The wall she’s built has kept her safe from further heartache, but it’s also resulted in a life without love.
Carter Henderson is distinguished, ambitious, and has taken over the helm of his family’s exclusive hotel. His masculine appeal attracts the ladies, but he’s determined to win over the only woman he’d risk everything for. Carter moved to New York City to lick his wounds the last time Trisha turned him down. Despite the rejection, he is inexplicably drawn to her and moves back home after five years away from her.
Things begin to look very promising until someone from Carter’s past makes an appearance and threatens to undo everything. Now his and Trisha’s future is in jeopardy and Carter is running out of time to save them from a catastrophic ending.
Destiny has continuously placed Carter and Trisha in one another’s paths. Has a long ago tragedy erected an impermeable barricade or will Carter finally be able to break through and win Trisha’s heart?
A moving and genuine entry in the romance genre, Chasing Disaster is the first installment in the Disaster Series by author Christie Anthony.


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