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CIndy and Her Blue Bunny

Cindy finds Blue Bunny one day and all her luck changes.

CIndy and Her Blue Bunny

Full Description

Cindy who has just turned 10-years old goes on to run her usual errands. While at the store she spots a little blue plush bunny in a clearance box. But this is no ordinary Bunny. Cindy only lives with her dad, one day her mom packed and simply left. Once Bunny is home with Cindy, her luck begins to change.She quickly notices the changes. Things only seem get better as the months pass. It’s because of Bunny that Cindy learns what it is to love and to be loved. It’s because of Bunny that Cindy notices how Lucky, her dad, has also changed. He is now drinking less, he smiles more and seems happier. A tale for parents and children, a reminder of the simple things of life. Will Bunny be magical in the end?

Book Genre ©2017