City, Ruby: A search for meaning and love behind the existential curtain of the future.

A city holds certain romancebut there is a deep and darkening feelingI’m not sure where she could be,but I can feel her red heart beatingI can feel this moment fleeting.City, Ruby is a chapbook with an existential look inside the modern city persona – a life affected by ever-accelerating technology and the inhumane perception against the poor and working. But under it all, there are moments of pure human connection when two souls find escape within each other. This collection is inspired by the character of Seattle, the Emerald City, and the constant yet futile desire to escape from it. It is a searching question into the hidden world of suits and gowns, of galas and the view from the skyline.This is first collection from rising Seattle author Seth Seong, written directly from the heart, without pretense. He utilizes both the Korean Sijo form, and unstructured prose.To read more poetry by Seth Seong, follow him on Instagram @sseong.poetryor check out his website,