Clarissa’s Triumph (Cottage City Chronicles Book 4)

Clarissa Hanson has grown up in wealth and privilege. She has everything she wants from life—a beautiful home, a rich and handsome fiancé, the admiration of her friends, and a position of influence in high society. In one shocking event, all of that comes crumbling down around her, leaving her to pick up the pieces. She flees to Wyoming to the home of her aunt and uncle. But life in the Wild West isn’t what she thought it would be. She finds the rough and tumble lifestyle shocking. Crossing paths with a handsome young farmer brings her even more confusion. His backwoods ways infuriate her, while at the same time she finds him intriguing. She struggles to discover the truth about what life holds for her. Can she learn to rise above the disappointment of her past and find hope for the future?

What readers are saying about the Cottage City Chronicles Inspirational Historical Romance Series:

“Beautifully written period-piece with descriptive writing so elegant you can taste the salt in the air as you read. Truly looking forward to Ms. Miller’s next installment!”–Amazon Reviewer

“A delightful and beautiful book that moved me with its lovely and compelling themes from start to finish.”–Red Headed Book Lover

“[The] story is well written, thought provoking, contains well developed and believable characters, and is written by [the] author with an empathy and emotion that brings each character to life.”–Readers’ Favorite Reviews