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Full Description

In Gary Starta’s Coalescence (Camden Investigations Book 1), we are taken through an adventure with Iris, a ghost hunter whose latest encounter leads her to begin working with scientists studying an alien species. Her journey leads her to a complicated relationship with Mitchell and to the discovery of incredible secrets within her own family. This story was definitely a fast-past journey with a surprisingly touching ending.
I was especially intrigued with the space-time continuum references and aspects of theoretical physics. I applaud the author for researching this topic and making it comprehensible to any reader out there. I highly recommend this fascinating read as I believe it may turn anyone into a science fiction fan.

Iris Camden and D.J. are half sisters. When their mom dies D.J. can’t wrap her head around the death, The fact that her mom’s spirit won’t pass over and stays in contact may be part of her problem. Being a psychic does have it’s drawbacks. Iris has a paranormal investigation group called Colorado ghost hunters. When an object of unknown origins is found, Iris’s group teams up with The Eyes on Colorado Skies investigators because their is a definite connection with aliens. It is going to take both groups and a few more along the way to figure out how the object is a threat to earth and to also figure a way to try and stop what could be total annihilation of earth as we know it. The author did an amazing job combining spiritual with science fiction in this adventure of a lifetime.


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