College Can Wait!: The reluctant student’s guide to gap years, resume-building, travel, internships, and figuring out what you really want

Are you dreading the thought of another FOUR YEARS of study? Do you feel lost and confused?

Is your family pressuring you to choose a major…that might not be right for you?

This controversial and inspiring book will show you how to break out of the “college-is-everything” mindset—and pursue your own definition of success. 

COLLEGE CAN WAIT! will show you to travel without money…build your resume without working…and get a successful job without a degree. And if you’re planning to head to college eventually, you’ll learn how to settle on the career that’s right for you.

This book will show you how to:

Build a killer resume
•Travel with no money
•Score a successful job
•Gain career experience
•Decide what to study, if anything
•Have fun
•Figure out what’s most important to you

…all without a college degree!

Once you’ve seen the secret tips in COLLEGE CAN WAIT!, you can be out of the house and traveling the world in just a few months.

What’s stopping you from finding your own path to happiness and success?

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