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Corproate America & The N-Word

A study of contemporary unrestrained workplace harassment, hate speech; Corporations' defense of their employees' use of n@@@@r and the artifice of a Federal Judiciary that refuses to punish them.

Corproate America & The N-Word

Full Description

Sourced from official court records, author James Rodney unmask ways Federal Judges legalize overt racial harassment with favorable rulings to blatantly bigoted corporate defenses such as “They only called him n@@@@r a few times,” i.e., Watson et al v. CEVA Logistics, chapter three.

The author provides – in layman terms – a detailed analysis of eight federal cases, beginning with the facts as alleged by plaintiffs; followed with defenses proffered by corporations e.g., Whirlpool, and issues of law decided by the court. His “…narrative voice is very familiar and easy to follow.” (Lisa B. Outskirts Press)

Two mass workplace shootings are discussed in chapter nine: Lockheed Martin from 2003 and Hartford Distributors Inc., of 2010. Both were preceded with claims of racial harassment, allegedly ignored by the employers. Fourteen co-workers were murdered and ten wounded. “I recall putting my kindle down out of deep sadness and anger… It absolutely touches on something deep and dark…it’s a necessary read.”(N. Rodriguez)

James Rodney concludes his book with chapter ten “A call to Advocacy.” Premised upon “making tolerance of discrimination more costly than eliminating it,” he directly challenges four groups of Americans:

To the “Youth of America,” launch a “stop pimping me” social media campaign. Target athletes and entertainers “making it rain” off your money but not speaking up on your behalf.

To “Progressive White Americans,” stop allowing bigots to define your culture and thus degrade Americas’ moral standing around the world. Expose and oppose racist for who they truly are.

To “Conservative Working Class White Americans,” love your family more than you hate others. Vote against politicians with sly appeals to racial pride who govern against your interest.

To “Political leaders,” James Rodney offers fifteen concrete changes in employment discrimination law to “make tolerance of discrimination more costly than eliminating it.”

Corporate America & The N-Word – is available in eBook and paperback at Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and most major online retailers!


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