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Elven tales. - Fantasy, lore, - or is it truth that time had turned into myth?


Full Description

The introduction to Crossbow Isle portrays events that more than four thousand years ago have led to the destruction of the Elven Planet Phaeton. That cosmic disaster was actually the cause of a reaction that eventually bounced back to the time of the story. Here on Crossbow Isle, it coerced a number of people, who were entirely unaware of those bygone events into an adventure that changed not only their lives but has consequences that eventually may change the way we see our real world.

The beginning of the tale introduces to the life on an island where some fortunate humans live under the protection of elves and healers. The small village Willowbee is the springboard for the Crossbow Isle adventure. Here, the first characters meet Ithilhin, the twelve-year-old Moonchild, who is later known by her common name “Enyana”.

Enyana was raised by elves who a few thousand years ago had somehow come to this island, not yet aware how closely they are related to the elves that had lived on Phaeton. Enyana’s grandmother Morgan, who is the healer of Willowbee, possesses some talents that allow her to aid not only the people of this village but extends her protection far beyond the close-knit community.

The ripples of those bygone events however, had spilled other beings onto the shores of Crossbow Isle and it is no coincidence that matters aggravate in the northern lands of the large island where innocent people are utterly in distress.

Therefore, Enyana, her grandmother, and the elves, reinforced by talented friends and the people of Willowbee, reach a helping hand to those in dire need.


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