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Dark Pluto

When a fashion god obsesses over his muse, the connection may prove to be unbreakable.

Dark Pluto

Full Description

In New York City, Justin Parker, a successful American fash-ion designer, finally meets the new face of his brand, Natalie Wilson, a gorgeous British model with raw talent. Her errat-ic cousin, Dylan Wilson, who’s a stylist with his brand, in-troduces them but she has no idea that they already have enough chemistry. The model becomes his muse when the obsession with her body and style intensifies.
When Natalie meets Justin, she’s not prepared for the feel-ings the man creates. Justin is a former model who has a ma-jor brand growing in New York, Paris, and the rest of the world. He happens to be obsessed with his work and main-taining professionalism. She gets confused at first but acts on her curiosity, and she’s pleased with their intimacy.
Justin struggles to resist Natalie. He’s faced with the chal-lenge to overcome his attraction to her before they can work together, but his efforts are feeble.
Natalie gets confused when her intense connection with Justin deepens. The sudden attraction to him is thrilling, and she finds it impossible to keep her hands off especially when they end up in a ménage for one night. Natalie responds to the seductive pull by coming onto him. In the end, she de-velops strong feelings for Justin.

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