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Dealing with Depression: 10 Truths About Depression and How to Overcome It (Personal Development Book)

Mental Health, Happiness, Feeling Good, Self Esteem, Depression Cure

Dealing with Depression: 10 Truths About Depression and How to Overcome It (Personal Development Book)

Full Description

Futurologists believe that this disease is a “cancer of the 21st century», doctors consider it a “genetic defect» when people are ascribed foible. The researchers believe that by 2020 this disease will take the first place for some days unfruitful for a person, and will increase mortality from cardiovascular diseases and cancer! Taking it not seriously, it is probable that humanity will gradually enter the «Depression Era.»
Probably, at least once in life each of us had thoughts like “I am a loser,” “No one needs me,” “Nothing pleases me»… However, if some people drive such negative thoughts away, others can endlessly replay it in their heads.
The situation is that we know so much and, at the same time, nothing about the depression. We are used to attaching the label ‘the depression’ to everything we see. Sad day, difficult period in relationship, constant irritation, fatigue – and we are in a hurry to declare, ‘I am depressed.’ This name is rather used to explain bad mood, but not to define the disease itself. Moreover, our society is biased towards a depressive condition and has distrust to its seriousness. ‘Depressed? Get to work, and everything will be over!’, The others advice. It is treated as a manifestation of laziness, selfishness, passive or ill temper. However, with such ’easy’ attitude to depressive symptoms, one can overlook a far-reaching problem.
The depression is not a farfetched condition, not just a ‘bad mood’ or an ‘a spell of bad luck.’ It is a severe disease with its symptoms and consequences which require treatment. Diagnosing its signs is important. Do not turn away from your family and friends, help them, if you suspect that something is wrong.

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