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Savor a sample of the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah.


Full Description

Delilah is a tough and rugged woman of the western frontier. After surviving two years in prison for an act of self-preservation, she heads back to San Luis to find out if she has a home left with her young ward, Sarah and her horse, which she refuses to name, claiming she can’t name something she may have to eat. On their journey, they are accosted by outlaws who rape them and leave Delilah for dead, kidnapping the girl.
Out to save Sarah and exact revenge on the two men who harmed her, Delilah tracks the outlaws to the mining camp of Leadville, surviving an Indian attack along the way, but losing the Mormon family she travels with. In Leadville, she catches the trail of the two men she’s looking for, making friends and enemies in the process, including one particular mine foreman who may want to be more than friends.
In Leadville, at the height of the silver boom, Delilah attends the opening night of the Tabor Grand Opera House with the colorful characters, H.W. Tabor and Baby Doe McCourt. She fights off a grizzly and a pack of wolves, and faces down a couple of bad men of the west as she searches for Sarah and the two men who took her with the help of her Ute friends Dancing Falcon, Eagle Feather and Old Sugar, and that love struck miner, Clyde Harper. She faces the men she’s after, and locates the girl and her Mormon friend Marta in a Ute camp, attempting the rescue of both.
Not one to be faint of heart, Delilah faces every obstacle placed in her way with grit and gumption. She never backs down, even when the odds are against her, and she always gets her man. Savor the flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah.

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