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Demon Mania

The exciting sequel to Demon Frenzy!

Demon Mania

Full Description

Amy Malone thinks she and Shane are safe living in a desolate area of New Mexico, but after she encounters a mysterious sorcerer she’s plunged into a demon-ridden nightmare even worse than what she faced in Blackwood. Pursued through moonlit wilderness by grotesque grimsnuffers and hunted by hideous jabber-suckers that suck out their victims’ flesh through pulsating tentacles, Amy must survive a deadly maze to confront the most fearsome monster of hell: a demon so deadly it can kill with just a look.
Mixing horror with dark fantasy, Demon Mania is a wild whirlwind of sword and sorcery, witches, warlocks, black magic, telekinesis, spirit-travel, deadly assassins, eerie prophecies, breathless action, and demons—lots of demons.

Book Genre ©2017