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Dinner and a Murder

Is Mansford Mansion really haunted? A whodunit in a house that's haunted-or is it?

Dinner and a Murder

Full Description

Following the Civil War, a murder is committed in Mansford Mansion, one of the finest homes in St. Louis. Scandal surrounds the elegant home, and it falls into disrepair. Every fifty years, something terrible happens at the mansion, and rumors abound that it is haunted. Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to restore Mansford Mansion, yet all attempts have failed.
Fast forward to the present day, when an unscrupulous business man acquires the property at a low price and turns it into a second-rate murder mystery dinner theater. The 150-year mark is approaching, and the new owner advertises that this will be the year of the biggest event yet.
Ten-year-old Amy Trent sees the ad and begs her parents to let her celebrate her eleventh birthday at Mansford Mansion. Her father, Homicide Detective Adam Trent, is against the idea, but her mother gives in to Amy’s pleas, and he reluctantly agrees to go. After the play is over and the lights come up, the guests begin to gather their things to leave…only one guest–the most obnoxious in the room, does not get up. He is dead. Adam suspects foul play, but with no obvious evidence, he cannot detain the guests and must allow them to leave. Adam asks his captain to assign the case to him. When murder is confirmed by the Medical Examiner, Adam is angry that a crime occurred right under his nose and he never saw a thing.
As he hunts for the killer, Adam is shocked to learn that Dr. Lionel Cranston, a dangerous and evil criminal, was granted a change of judge and is out on bail. Dr. Cranston vowed revenge on Adam, his team, and their families. Adam must protect his wife and daughter, while hunting for the elusive Cranston, at the same time he is conducting his investigation into the murder at Mansford Mansion. But Cranston is hunting him as well.
Danger lurks around every corner in this page-turning thriller, as the reader suspects everyone. Decide for yourself whether the house is, indeed, haunted, and see if you can figure out which of the kooky characters killed the victim, who had more than his share of enemies.

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