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Dirk Quigby’s Guide to The Afterlife

All You Need To know To Choose The Right Heaven

Dirk Quigby's Guide to The Afterlife

Full Description

How can you be certain which religion will provide the most enjoyable afterlife?  If you’re going to follow a lot of arduous rules in this life, don’t you want to be assured it’ll pay off?  Be confident you’ll spend eternity in the best possible place! After all, eternity means forever …
Now it’s simple, Dirk Snigby’s Guide to the Afterlife (Five ***** rating system for food, accommodation, liquor and entry requirements) can provide you with the knowledge to choose wisely.
Dirk was once an unfulfilled advertising executive, whose life lacked meaning. Like so many others before him, he decided that “true meaning” must occur in the afterlife, but which heaven to choose?
Dirk enrolled in a class entitled “Religion and the Afterlife”, which just happened to be taught by none other that the Devil!
 Lucifer was unhappy. Hell was overcrowded.
“What with overpopulation and global warming, hell compares very favorably to New York or Tokyo on a hot day.”
The Devil offers Dirk passage back and forth to a variety of heavens if Dirk agrees to write a kind of “Zagat Guide” to the afterlife, in the hopes of enticing more people into Heaven.

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