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Divinity The Gathering Book One

Supernatural, Urban fantasy with Angels, Demons and a ribbon of unexpected Romance!

Divinity The Gathering Book One

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“No one knows WHEN the world will end but how do you go on, when you’ve seen HOW it will end? If the dark ones don’t kill me first…I’ll tell everyone.”— Starling Marie Roberts.
College Sophomore, Starling Roberts is afraid of the dark and the malignant beings within it because she has known this all her life.
The shadow beings are real and she has always been able to see them.
Plagued with fear and the constant imagery of what appears to be how the world will end in her dreams, isn’t an easy burden to carry; especially when that darkness is after you for the very thing that makes each one of us stand apart from them. Our Divinity.
Starling is one of the many divine chosen but she is a rare and unique.
Past tribulations and tragedies have all served to wilt her own beliefs, leaving her to begin questioning her own purpose and faith.
But that begins to change when the dark shadows begin attacking her mentally…and physically.
Her unusual divinity has placed her on the top most wanted list set by the dark fallen, and she has become the target of a planned catastrophic, deadly, orchestrated event, controlled and led by Morning Star himself.
Starling’s only hope to remain alive and sane is Cam`ael, a renegade, fallen Incubus who lusts for her, and Drakael—the Angel determined to keep her from him.

This is her Chronicle, pulled and put together from her own personal journals now known as The Book of Starling.
Combined with the journals of Cam`ael; Former Chief Angel of all Powers, in his own words and at his own personal request.

Scholar Disciple Keiko-San


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